Angels are wonderful higher dimensional creatures who live a higher spiritual existance on the Heavenly Realms. They have immense powers and they are unconditionally loving. They will guide you and comfort you when needed, but allow you to make your own mistakes and suffer the consequences. This is because Earth is a Freewill planet where you come to experience life in its beauty and pain. Like wise parents, they step aside and allow you to follow your own life path. However they like to help when requested, so do ask them daily, to aid you in your daily tasks. Make an angel a friend today!


If you dont know your Angelic higher name here is an exercise to find it!

Many people may want to know their Higher Self name and begin to use it in spiritual situations. This is their angelic name or multidimensional name. It may not be a common Earth name. But you may recognise it on some level when you hear it.

The vibration of the name will often re-awaken memories within you of earlier lives and higher dimensions. The name often gives you extra psychic power and reminds you that you are doing spiritual work. Some friends have changed their name formally to that of their Higher Self name, to denote that they are now a new spiritual being.

Sananda an Ascended Master told us in one channelling, that all Beings have a Higher Name that does not change with each incarnation. That unique name has the special power and vibrations of the Higher Realms.

Here are some Higher Self Names, just to show you what they may be like - Sananda, Solara, Andromeda, Helena, Joachim, Kirri, El Ra, Marina, Hermes, Raphael, Ariel, Antoneaus, Leda, Xanthe.

This exercise will show you how to find out your Higher Self Name.

Have a note pad and pen ready.




 1. Relax and meditate for fifteen minutes.

2. Affirm to the Universe that you would like to discover your Higher Self name and begin to work with its power for Highest Intent.

3. Visualise the power of a great white star above you.

4. Bring its pure light down into your crown and let it flow through your entire body.

5. Now ask that your Higher Name be given to you. Listen with your clairaudient skills. Your name may be one word or several.

6. Ask that you be psychically shown your name written on a board in front of you. Note the spelling.

7. Ask that the power of this name now may be activated within your mind and body.

8. Now speak your name loudly 3 times. Say "I am ."

9. Visualise yourself using your name confidently in many situations.

10. Allow the white light to leave your body. Thank the Universe.

11. Gently come back to 3D awareness.

12. Write your name down.

13. Ground yourself.

Begin to use this name frequently. The more often it is used the more powerful it becomes.








Here is a collection of amazing channellings from Angels of every type channelled by The Abbotts. 




There are both evolved and unevolved spirits who will often attempt to contact humanity. Your Personal Spirit Guides are evolved, loving beings who come into your life to help you with your life journey. They often help you through painful experiences with insight, guidance and love.

Most people have two Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels throughout their life, from birth to death. One usually represents itself as a female and the other as a male.

The female or yin energy often comforts, heals and gives guidance from a feminine perspective, while the male guide often protects, advises and gives support from a stronger yang energy. These Spirit Guides are often entities that you have known in past lives, family members who have passed over to the astral realms or unrelated volunteers who wish to help and experience the conditions you are going through in your current life.

Your Guides are never judgmental about your behaviour or actions, as they understand your motivations, very clearly. However, they are there to help you become more Divine in nature, so it is worthwhile listening to their loving advice, as it may save you a lot of unnecessary heartache.


On meeting your Guides consciously for the first time, it is possible you will remember meeting them in the dream state, previously or recall them as a childhood companion.

Try to consciously and regularly talk to your Guides. Make friends of them. Ask them for advice and ask them to direct you in practical ways, eg. find parking spots in busy areas, locate an article you are searching for at the shops, direct you to the right people for certain tasks. When you truly make contact with your Guides you do not ever have to be lonely again. They are there for guidance and support any hour of the day and night.


Teacher Spirit Guides




Many Teacher Guides will come to you, for short periods in your life, to educate you about certain aspects of your physical or spiritual journey. There are Teacher Guides who specialise in Art, Music, Dance, Mathematics, Healing etc. and are always available for higher inspirational help, as all Guides have access to the Akashic Records and the Universal Consciousness.

Call upon them to help you with specific and complicated tasks. For example if you need to fill out your Tax Return papers, ask for an Accountant Teacher Guide, to help you work intuitively, with the task. If you are involved in creative artwork such as painting, ask a Spirit Guide to come and help to inspire you. Who knows you may have Picasso or Michaelangelo turn up to inspire you!




The Archangels who oversee Creation and never incarnate on Earth, are located on the Silver Level, connected to the silver chakra. These angels, such as Michael, Uriel, Ariel, Raphael, Azriel etc are always willing to come to you for guidance, protection and comfort. Call them in around you, when needed. Just send out a mental request and they will be there. There are amazing stories of angels who have prevented muggings, robberies or aided those in need.

Remember these Archangels are always willing to help you. Do not feel that they are somehow, too important to deal with your everyday issues. You are important to them! (Use Exercise 1. To achieve this, after first establishing contact with your own Personal guides.)



The Masters

The Masters are also Spirit Guides or angels that can come to you with advice and guidance. Again, remember these Ascended Masters are always willing to help you. Do not feel that they are somehow too saintly to deal with your everyday issues. Your worries are important to them!

Kwan Yin is a specialist in healing matters; Mother Mary is feminine and loving, like a Mother and Sananda (Higher Self Name of Jesus) is compassionate and wise. Practise asking them to come to you and feel their loving warmth. (Use Exercise 1 to achieve this, after first establishing contact with your own Personal Guides.) Remember these Masters are non - denominational. They also help Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and Hindus!






Q. Do Angels really exist?


A. Yes, the Masters tell us that Angels are here to comfort, heal and teach us. Tony and Robyn have channelled a number of angelic beings, including Archangels Michael, Ariel, Gabriel and Azriel. Most angels have incarnated on Earth at some time and we have often known them as family members or friends in past lives. They come back to watch over us as Guardian Angles.


Archangels however, never incarnate on Earth. Their job is to oversee the planet. They will however, help you in times of crisis and give you guidance and teachings, when called upon. They are powerful and loving beings.


There are many books, available at the moment, which tell of everyday people interacting with angelic beings and of the protection and help, they have given them. Have a browse around your local bookshop.


Better still, start to make contact with your own Guardian angels. Find a safe, well experienced spiritual development group who will teach you how to do so or why not look into our development courses, that we are offering you, at the end of this website? We are experienced professional channellers and mediums who can show you how to contact angels, safely!




Vibrations of Colour and Sound




Blessings to you all, I am Sandalphon, the Archangel of Music.

It is always sweet to overhear you chant the blessed word OM. It resonates much further than you ever imagine. With your feet nice and flat on the ground, it resonates deep into Mother Earth and it also rises up as far as the Stars. It creates a cocoon of Peace around you, around your group and those that are encompassed by this cocoon, feel its Love, feel its compassion. You perhaps have heard of the term Light, you have taken it to mean Information and within that spectrum of information, is also Mathematics and also Sound.

There is a revival of the understanding of Higher Sound on your Planet, at this time. I am sure you are all aware, how music can change your mood. There are even sounds cows like to be milked to, while there is an accompaniment of certain music, perhaps popular music or perhaps classical music. I am sure when you have felt low and you have put on a record, a disk etc of cheery, bright music, that it has inspired you to feel a bit happier and at other times perhaps, you have been moved to tears, with some wonderful concerto or something that makes you remember incidents in your past. For sound can be a trigger to memory and this can be a gentle and loving, cathartic way of expressing your deeper emotions.


The Ancients knew the device of sound could affect both the body and the Auric system. If you go back to the times of the early Atlantean and the Lemurian civilisations, they were able to use sound at its very highest. There were beings there, who were trained to be able to use their voices, by using and hitting certain octaves, certain pitches, they were able to create healing in the body. They were able to open up the chakras, as you call them and open up the auric layers. Others could use devices, for I am sure you have all used or heard a Tibetan bell and how with a certain wooden implement you are able to make the bell "sing".


In the times of early Atlantis and Lemuria they were able to do similar sound effects with crystal bowls, circular bowls made of the finest crystal and by using a wooden device or even their own fingers, they were able to make the crystal bowls "sing" and the sounds that emanated from the clear crystal were healing, in that they helped people over come their fears, their illnesses, the deeper causes of their problems within them.


This is an Art that is soon to be revived on your Planet and perhaps some of you here will be interested in following this up. For many of you have worked with sound in the Past. Remember always to use it for the highest and use it in gentle ways. Certain musical notes can also inspire you to see colours and if you work with sound and colour together, you will create new harmonies for healing, for those on your planet.


Have you any questions you would ask me at this time?

Q1. I have a question if I may please, it is, I have heard that with some people when they hear a certain sound, like deep, beaty music it hurts their crown chakra. I would like to know why is this?


A. Sometimes there is an influx of energy from the Kundalini source when certain music is played, for some people it will have no effect other than perhaps invigorating them. As the Kundalini rises gently or stops at a certain chakra, they may experience some pain or exhilaration there. For others, the upwards, quick surge of the kundalini energy, can as you say, hurt the crown as it helps to expand it at the top of the head. As you are all from different planetary origins, as you are all different beings in your make up, all different star signs etc, it is important that you find music that you are attuned to.


One type of music may well be very inspirational for one set of people, but entirely, almost negative for others. For it is too strong, it is too forceful, also as you become, as you call it, Supersensitive, as many of you are finding. You will also find that you are becoming supersensitive to sounds. Loud noises that you once liked, loud music you once liked, may become over whelming to you.


As you clear out your chakras system from the base up to the very top of your crown, you will find now that music tends to travel very furiously, very strongly, along that channel and so at times you will find some music quite over whelming and you may need to find music that is more attuned to your being, perhaps softer, gentler music that stimulates you.


But, you do not want your crown thrust open, pushed open, blasted open, you want it gently opened. So be very careful of the music you play. I know many of you have chanted the mantra Kodoish etc and if you do for a long period of time, perhaps half an hour or so, sometimes your chakras are so open that they can almost be detrimental to you, because you are allowing too much Light to be pulled inside you from the exterior. Also, if you travel to a place where there is negativity, you can actually pull that negativity into you!


Make sure that the music you are listening to, does not blast your chakras open and if they are open, let it be open in the safety of your own home with your protective Auric egg around you. If you go out side or do an occupation such as driving a car or machinery, close your chakras down as much as possible, because what may not effect you in one place, may truly effect you negatively, in another! Does this help you? Yes, thank you.


Q2. There is some lovely gentle, mellow type music around at the moment, such as the group Killing Heidi, can you comment?


A. This music is inspired by the unconscious memories of Off Planet music. The Starseeds are particularly drawn to this type of music, which is in contrast to that of loud, abrasive heavy metal music of the past. This type of music can be sung by young women or young men, it has an almost androgenous sound. Often the lyrics of the song are concerned with love, emotions and planet consciousness. The music of Enya for example, is very yin (female) in sound. Contrast it to the very masculine yang music of the last centuries, such as military marches and national anthems!


Q3. Could you please comment on the Heavy metal music that some young people are so drawn to these days. What are the implications regarding negativity?


A. It can have a negative effect. Again, it is music that blasts open the chakras. Im sure that most adults, when they are in a room with heavy metal music, are aware of this! But, of course the young ones are not so sensitive. They are sensitive in one way, but in another way they are not sensitive to the entire chakra system being entirely aligned and opened. It is still being opened in their bodies. But as an adult, you become more supersensitive to sound etc, you then find the music offensive.


I would suggest to anyone that has children of this age, of course do not censor their music, through their music they may get some feeling, some expression of their being. They are going, perhaps, through a rebellious age, and that music is an indicator of their inner feelings. But at the same time, if you can, temper that also with music that is more gentle, uplifting, inspirational. If they can have a balance of musical sounds and moods in their lives, this will be much more conducive to their ageing, their maturing, to them finding their spiritual path, than only listening to one kind of music.


Q4. Does this have a negative influence?


A. Yes, it can. But perhaps, a little bit too dramatically sometimes. Those that have blockages, particularly in the heart or the mind region, can find that sort of music can overwhelm them and create great depression in their life or push them to extremes, psychotic behaviour at times. It is very effective and people do not realise how it can influence their being. Blessings to you daughter.


Q5. I have been listening to Mahatma music and found it very effective at opening up my third eye and crown areas. Could this be used for my healing work?


A. I would say be very careful, I know of the music you are talking about, the Mahatma music. It is good for some, but too forceful for others. If you were trying to heal someone, particularly someone very supersensitive, or more advanced along the spiritual path, this particular music may be too strong for them to be able to deal with, in a relaxed manner. It affects the movement of the heart. It is a very exciting music.


When you are healing someone, unless they were particularly lethargic, it would not be a good music to use, in that particular circumstance. You normally want people to relax and to be able to be healed, gently. But, there would be some people, perhaps younger people who are depressed, may find that music helpful, providing again that it does not begin to hurt any part of them. Often you will find the chakra is blasted open and there is pain. It is much better to open the chakra gently, then to have too much force behind the opening of the chakra.


So, I would say, find instead music that is gentle in its form and inspiring. Then perhaps, look very carefully at who your clientele are. If they are people that may react badly, you believe, ask Spirit! Will they react negatively or positively to a certain type of music? Then let them hear a few bars of the music. But, if they find too much discomfort in an area, then discontinue the music. Does this help?


Q6. My question is, why is it usually the bigger the animal or mammal etc, the deeper the sound they make, especially the dolphins and whales of the seas, when small insects make very high pitched sounds? Thank you.



A. There are many reasons for sound, as you have mentioned. The dolphins and whales need to be able to send their sound, almost a sonar-like sound, through water. So, they need to have a pitch that is very high to be able to do so. Then again as you said, you have the elephants that trumpet in a very deep, bass almost, if you would call it that. There are other animals that almost mute, making very little sound. Different animals, because they also come from different planetary sources originally, have an almost telepathic sense and have almost no need for speech at all. While others, such as the monkeys, will chatter away and birds will make almost constant noises.


So a lot is, as you would say, influenced by other planetary origins. But, also on this planet, many have developed, over many millenniums to find which is the best sound, that they can communicate with, that they can still communicate in a sound way without attracting at the same time, any predators etc such as lions. So, as there are many, many influences, it would be difficult to, as you would say, put a finger on, just one reason, for animals making certain noises. It is most certainly an interesting question and perhaps one that others may continue to seek the answer for. Blessings.


If there are no more questions, Dear Friends, I will then go. Remember that Music does have an important part in your life. Im sure many of you have memories of your childhood, when you were teenagers or early adults etc and often musical tunes will inspire you and make you remember these advents. So, look at how you can use music in your everyday work, in your counseling and healing, with your communication with Spirit, because certain music does let your Spirit rise up and reach that of the Higher Dimensions.


Blessings to you all.

I am Sandalphon.





White Buffalo Woman


Gitchi Manitou - May God Smile Upon You. I am White Buffalo Woman.

There are great winds sweeping the Earth at this time, not winds that you can see, or feel, but winds of change. The planet itself is changing, it is rising in Light and you all here are changing. All of humanity is changing. All life forms on the planet are changing. You are all raising in Light and to do so causes upheaval on your planet.

You will find very strange occurrences now and in the future. You will find many babies being born that are neither one sex, nor the other, but perhaps both. You will see a change on your animals on this planet - many leaving, feeling the vibration too strong they purposely leave the planet. You will see many mutations on your planet, animals coming in that have not been seen before.


As you yourself raise in Light, you will find that you are capable of great talents, great gifts that previously were restricted to the Masters and to the Great Grandfather Spirit, Wankatanka. You will find that you can do unusual things. You will find that you can remember your many lives very clearly, for they are not happening in the past, they are happening now. Time is ceasing. The many multi dimensions around you are becoming as One. Time and space are collapsing.


You are coming into the Now presence, which will be all that there will be and from it will come great growth within yourself. Many new children are being born on the planet. They are the Starseeds from the many different star systems, come in at this time for the birth of the planet and of all beings on the planet. They come in with joy and laughter, they come in with courage.


You too here, must have courage for as these changes occur they will often disrupt your current life. You must not look at disruptions in your life as negative. You must see them as a positive impetus to push you forward, to allow you to become the Masters that you are meant to be. You are meant to be beings of Light! You cannot do this by staying as you were in the past. You must be open to change, open to Spirit working through you. You must create in your environment, a Heaven here now on Earth, not be separate from Heaven, nor from the Great Grandfather Spirit. You are being called back into his arms.


As the Light grows stronger on the planet, just as it does at noontime, so it throws the shadows into darker relief and so you will find on this Earth, those that are attracted to the darkness fighting back from the Light and perhaps even fighting you, if not physically, certainly psychically. Protect yourselves at all times. There is a Law of the Universe - that is the Law of Affinity - like is attracted to like. Those that work for the Godforce, are attracted to those who have the Godforce awakened within them. Make sure that you associate often with people that are spiritual of mind, speech and behaviour.


This is not to say that you do not keep yourself away from those that have still not awakened, that slumber in the darkness, for you are here to help them, to uplift them. But first of all, increase your own power and when in yourself you have doubts, when in yourself you need confirmation that the Spirit is rising in you, seek those around you that can give you support, care and wisdom. It is important at this time, for as your body rises in power, your mind will often try to defeat this, for the mind sees itself loosing power. It tries to help you cling to the past, for it is familiar with the past, or it tries to help you project into the future, for this is what you have done often. It is essential you stay in the Now!


The mind has little power in the Now, other than working for you. When you are in the Now all your fears disappear. When you are in the Now, your courage is sustained. Stay in the Now and make sure you spend much time with those that are in the Now also, that are working for Spirit and are increasing the Light within them and you will find that you have great courage, Light and Power developing in your body, spirit, mind.


White Buffalo Woman




Can you prove that there is a God or Angels?


Answer from Andromeda Ra.


Did you know my friends, that once, long ago, science and spirituality were the same science? Scientists, philosophers universally agreed that God or Spirit existed and rather than expending huge amounts of energy on proving a known fact, they used their talents instead, to look for the meaning of life, perfect healing techniques and help humanity grow spiritually. The early Greek philosophers such as Pythagorus and Hermes Trismegistus all agreed that God existed. It is only in the last one hundred years on your planet Earth that men and women have truly began to demand scientific proof and skepticism has grown alarmingly.


Yet read your newspapers, dear friend, and you will inevitably begin to read articles which show that modern scientists have now found that the human aura actually exists. (The ancient Hindus knew this 10,000 years ago). They will even concede that chakras, energy centres exist also, now that they have the finer technology to pick their vibrations up!


The famous Chaos Theory and fractals show the Divine's hand in everything we do. Things are not truly chaotic at all, for there is a pattern within everything, and it allows growth and change.


More importantly every culture on this Earth believes in a Creator Spirit or God or Goddess. It is deeply ingrained in every human being that Spirit exists, life has a meaning and we are all connected on some higher level. When wars and religious feuds commence, it is not because of a belief in a Higher Force, but rather a division caused by man-made religion and bigotry. It is the same Spirit that is omnipresent and omnipotent whether you call that Divine Spirit - Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Wankatanka, God, Krishna or any other enlightened name. It is mankind who has made the division, not Spirit!


Those men and women who regularly meditate, often experience God and higher states in an epiphany type experience. But unlike Buddha who sat under the Bodhi tree for many years, you can sit in the comfort of your own bedroom and do it in a fraction of the time!


To discover if there is truly a God or Divine Spirit, you have to begin to actively search for it - read, go to seminars, explore every religion, look everywhere, seek knowledge and be very aware! Look for synchronicity occurring - divine coincidences, for Spirit Guides will be helping you in your search. They want you to discover the truth also! And have an open mind, my friend. Don't say "When I see it, I will believe it!" But rather, "When I believe it, I will see it!"


Why would you be born, live and die for no reason? That would not be logical and it is a logical Universe that you live in! Sceptics like to believe that you are all only animals that exist for a short time and then die, only enriching the soil that you are buried in. This is a foolish philosophy. If they truly believed that life had no meaning, no existence after life on Earth, then they would live corruptly, greedily and totally physically. Yet they do not do this.


Let me tell you, dear friend, about committed sceptics. They are usually dear souls with a deep philosophical need to believe in God, yet when they are very small, they are hurt in some way. Perhaps, a parent dies or a friend passes over or some other tragic episode happens to them. Then they become very angry with God. God has not answered their prayer or He has let them down in some way, or so they feel.


They do not understand in their naivete, that everything happens for a purpose. The parent agreed to die, for their Earth work had been done. The tragedy occurred, because it was meant to occur. The potential sceptic even asked on a higher level, for it to happen, to test their faith! But of course, they have forgotten this. In their anger, they turn to condemning those who believe in God and try to actively prove that God doesn't exist. (The Russians and Chinese Communist authorities tried to do this for decades, by closing churches and condemning spirituality, but they could not erase the Spirit within the individual's heart.)


And of course the Ego is propping the skeptic up, by saying, "Yes, you are right! Prove to these people that God doesn't exist and you will be doing a Great Thing. You will be freeing them!" Freeing them from what, you may well ask - Hope, faith, a positive future, purpose and afterlife? Do not these very things improve the quality of your life!


So yes, dear friend, I personally cannot prove to you that God exists. Only you can do that. You have set yourself a valuable mission, to discover the truth for yourself. Please do not just sit lazily at home and let others bring the truth to you - instead, search for it. For in finding that "Yes, God does exist!", you will begin a new exciting stage in your life with the Divine energy of Spirit to propel you forward and give you great comfort and guidance on the life journey.


Some final but valuable words from the author Douglas Adam's book, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe, may also help you.

"I refuse to prove that I exist, said God,

For proof denies faith,

And without faith, I am nothing!"

Blessings Andromeda Ra






"A friend told me that she had channelled Archangel Michael to a large crowd of people, but he had boomed out her voice so loud that despite it being a large hall, while the people in the back could hear her easily, the people in the front sections had to cover their ears, as it was so painful! She also ended up with a very sore throat. I prepared myself for my first Archangelic channelling, by asking him in advance, to please moderate his vocal volume and save my throat from getting sore! Archangel Michael, also known as Lord Michael, came through with great power. It was very exhilarating to feel his enormous energy in my body. However, while he did moderate his voice level, I still ended up with a sore throat!

Of all the energies I have channelled, with the exception of one other, he is the most powerful. I smelt a strong flavour of peppermints around him.

Although the Archangels have never walked the Earth in human form, they have a deep understanding of human nature and they were always ready to speak on any personal or everyday mortal problems.

"Daughters, sons, fathers of the Light, I am Lord Michael come to speak to you. And I come with a host of angels, to bring my presence here and to bring in the greater Light that is part of you and is part of all. Feel my blue Light as it goes to each of you, particularly in your heart chakra, your third eye chakra and your crown chakra. Visualise this blue light entering into you and be part of me, for a short while. Remember we are not separate. We are all part of the One always. You look at people and think of them as separate to you, but they are not. You talk of incarnating in groups of 100 or 1000 or ten, but you are all part of a giant group soul, every billion of you upon this Earth and the countless zillions and trillions of entities throughout the universe. You are part of me and I am part of you. There is no separateness, only that I am aware and when one is aware, one ascends to the Higher dimensions. And when one is asleep. such as you are, half asleep now, you are conscious only of the lower dimensions." Robyn Abbott



Peace not War!

By Archangel Michael

You consider yourselves the height of civilized humankind, yet around your planet, you still engage in war, genocide and bigotry. These are the challenges of today that all Starseeds should be engaged in preventing! You came to make a better planet, secure and safe, free and equal for all, but many of you have been drawn to evil causes of war between ideologies, races and religions. This is not Starseed behaviour.

You must realise that everyone is part of the One. There are no exceptions! Black, white, red, brown, yellow you are all One. Male or female you are all One. Poor or rich you are all One. Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist you are all One! Let go your animosity and bigotry and embrace each other, as sisters and brothers. Make peace not war! Think peace not war and act peace not war!

Adonai, Michael



Angels are everywhere and they want to help you, so make contact today!


Updated 1st Sept. 2014