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Spirit says "Don't just talk about it, live it!"



Dear Starseeds, young people of Earth, I am Ashtar of the Interplanetary Command.

I would speak to you today of your reason for coming to Earth. Why you willingly left the Pleiades and other comfortable star systems to incarnate in this lifetime, to this magnificent training school that you call Earth or Gaia. You knew before you came, that it would at times be both harsh and painful, but you also knew that you could make a difference by coming here! Especially, if you came in great numbers. And so you did!

You wanted to help the planet recover from the injuries done to it by previous generations and you also wanted to help raise the spiritual Light or energy of the humans here. A very noble goal! You decided to do this by creating Unity. A feeling of continuous communication with others. And this you have done with your inventions such as the world wide web, the internet, emails, texting and mobile phones. Praise to you all! Unity has begun.

However dear friends, it is not enough to set the game in play and then retreat Ė it is time now to move on to the next step and take action! To begin to live the Divine Missions that you came here to devise, explore and complete. Each of you has pre-life, chosen a great mission to accomplish, but like many other generations, you have lost your way, immersed in the delights of this planet Ė music, love, sex, fashion, materialism and physicality and forgotten that you are an angel in a physical body. A higher being that has incarnated for a reason! Begin to wake up now to why you are here! Continue the Mission!

Look at your interests. What do you love to do? How can it help raise humanities light? How can it help the planet?

Some of you may be artists Ė paint pictures that express your concern for the planet and humanityís plight!

Others may be musicians - create works of music that inspire the soul or help people awaken to their true destiny.

Others may be actors or counsellors, great speakers or gentle listeners Ė use your talents to help others and save the planet and its animals from extinction. You can do it!

Make your life count! This is why you came to Earth, to use your skills for good. Find a cause that inspires your heart and mind and do it! Save the Whales, help starving children, save the planet, help others. There are so many good people, usually Lightworkers working in charities - offer to help and bring new energy into their divine service.

In meditation and dreams, ask to become awakened to your Divine Mission and then begin it! Donít just talk about it, live it! The Earth needs You!

Blessings on your Divine Path,

Lord Ashtar







A fun quiz to discover your paranormal percentage!


Just answer truthfully a, b, or c for each question. Then look up your score at the end!


1. Do your dreams ever come true?

a: often b: seldom c: never

2. Do you often know what someone else is going to say?

a: often b: seldom c: never

3. Have you ever met someone that you've felt you've known in another lifetime?

a: often b: seldom c: never

4. Are you able to think of what you want and manifest it to you?

a: often b: seldom c: never

5. Have you ever seen a spirit, angel or ghost?

a: often b: seldom c: never

6. Do you ever display paranormal abilities?

a: often b: seldom c: never

7. Do you believe in aliens?

a: often b: seldom c: never

8. Do you feel you have a special purpose to do on Earth?

a: often b: seldom c: never

9. Can you meditate and get answers to your personal questions?

a: often b: seldom c: never

10. Are you interested in New Age ideas and philosophies?

a: often b: seldom c: never


Now add up your score. A answers equal 3 points, B equals 2 points, C equals 1 point.

25 t0 30 points-

Wow! You are really psychic! Why not put your skills to good use? Become a spiritual healer, counsellor or clairvoyant. A little more practise, faith and a kind heart will take you far!

20 to 24 points-

Good score! You are really beginning to understand New Age ideas. Practise your paranormal skills daily and you will see great results. Ask guidance from your personal spiritual guides and angels!

15 points to 19 points-

You're getting the idea! You just need lots of practise and to be aware of psychic phenomena working around you. Don't dismiss coincidences - this is Spirit trying to show you that there is a psychic side to life. Ask the Universe to show you how to develop your natural psychic skills!

10 points- 14 points

Oh dear! Well, the fact that you've visited this site and have done this quiz, shows me that you are psychically inclined, but you do need lots of regular practise. Try meditating daily and ask your personal spiritual guides for help in developing your paranormal skills. If you do this - come back to this quiz in a few months and I'm sure your score will have increased dramatically!



**Remember - Never ASSUME anything, It will make an ASS of U and ME!


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The Amazing Merkabah

The merkabah is an incredible spiritual vehicle that is composed of your own auric energies and field. It is the shape of a solid, 3 dimensionalsix-pointed star. The top half of the star - a pyramid ^ represents humankind raising up to God. While the lower part of the star v represents God reaching down to humankind.

This is why this symbol has been used by so many religions and cults throughout countless millennium. It can be constructed by thought and with the highest spiritual intent it can be used to time travel, astral travel, inter-dimensional travel and link into the cosmic grid for manifestation and increased healing and psychic abilities.




This spectacular merkabah was designed by virgosun.



What am I ?

The beginning of eternity,

The end of time and space,

The start of every ending,

And the end of every place.

Answer later on!!!


What is Lucid Dreaming?


lucid dreaming meeting


We all dream at night and some of us remember our dreams in the morning and others donít; this is quite usual. But have you ever had a startlingly vivid dream in which you realized that you were asleep and dreaming and then found that you could actually lead the dream into the direction that you wanted it to take? Well, this is Lucid Dreaming!


Once you have learnt to Lucid dream, you can use this incredible psychic power for research for work and hobbies, meeting others in the sleep state, out of body experiences, exploration of Earth and space, time travel, eliminating nightmares and night terrors, spirit contact with your Guardian Angels, forgiving others that you may have hurt or who have hurt you and meeting your perfect partner! All these incredible actions can take place while you are enjoying a restful sleep. Kyanite is a gemstone often used for Lucid dreaming (see Psychic section under Gemstone Powers). We have a new book out soon on this exciting activity Ė ĎLucid Dreaming Course Ė Empower your life!í why not look it up in our book section!

Happy dreaming!


Lucid Dreaming Course Book Cover




By The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered, just what are the main characteristics of a truly spiritually awakened person? Are they emotional, instinctive or loving? How do they live? What do they eat? Who do they love?

Our unique and easy to use chart, will show you how primitive, spiritually un-awakened people think, love, act and use their inherent psychic abilities. It will also show you how Emotional people, whose psychic and spiritual powers are gradually awakening, treat their pets and what they like to eat! Lastly, our special chart will show you, just what a truly Spiritually awakened person is striving for in life.

Why not study the chart carefully and understand the different 3D, 4D and 5D categories that you are currently living in? Then, hopefully, You can aspire to live entirely in the Spiritual category.

You can do it!


The Abbotts'













Brutal, uncaring, lustful, controlling, frustrated, instinctive, self-centred, possessive, yin/yang, little spirituality

Dramatic, Hi-low swings, possessive, lustful, tearful, obsessive, stimulating, addictive, idolization, self sacrificing, yin/yang, awakening spirituality

Balanced yin/yang, caring, supportive, responsive, self worth, loving, understanding, similar interests, inspiring, unconditional, equality, spiritually awake





Basic survival eg. cave, hut, warmth, shelter, utilitarian, protecting, safe

Luxurious, crowded with possessions, modern, new, elaborate, show place, pride, stimulating

Harmonious, ascetically pleasing, relaxing, tranquil, spacious, conducive to work and recreation





Anything that sustains, especially meat

Sugars, starches, fats and some meat, alcohol, chocolate, junk food, stimulants

Vegetarian, balanced diet, non alcoholic




Savage, revengeful deity found in nature

Loving or Punishing God, Petty, Human-like, Distant

Universal Omnipotent, All knowing energy, interactive, supportive, unconditionally loving















Enemies, untrustworthy to be avoided or dominated







Immediate wife, children

Good and bad, trustworthy and untrustworthy friends, enemies, higher status, lower status,

conditionally loving




Extended family

All are One, unconditionally loving, equal, supportive












For hunting or eating, utilitarian

Companions, conditionally loving, emotion tied, caged

Allowing them their freedom, caring but not attached










Few psi skills, mainly instinctive fear behaviour,

3rd dimensional

Some awakening psi skills, personal usage, but fearful or overly proud, conditionally used, 4th dimensional

Developing psi skills, interaction with Spirit, Angels, Guides, Unconditional usage, Unity, 5th dimensional


Why not print out this chart for handy reference!







Wow! I cannot thank you guys enough! So much free reading and lifestyle info. Keep up the great work! Starseedheavenbabe.

Thank you and blessings to you...Great site keep up the great open channels of information and communication...

A. R.


Hello Abbotts,

First of I would like to thank you for all the free information you give the world. You have helped me find the truth. I have been searching for answers for awhile and have always believed there was something out there to explain lifeÖ

Blessing to you and your family

Thank you very much for your Guidance. B. B.


You have such a great site that addresses so many things that trouble young people on the path. I have to thank you for putting it all out there. I look forward to going through it in more detail.

Love and blessings for your great work, Lance


The Abbotts,

I stumbled on your website about a year and more ago, and absolutely loved it - I learned so much. Hours I would just open page after page after page and be fascinatedI am also very excited about the new look and all the new discoveries I am about to make.

Have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and New year.

Much love, light, hugs, smiles and happiness to all of you

Karin South Africa


Dear Abbotts,

First off I would like to thank you for posting so much information freely. I find all of it extremely interesting. I have been searching spiritually for the better part of the year. I've searched in religions, and when I read your knowledge it just makes sense to meÖ.

Thank you so much for your love, and compassion, and time and patience. Thank you again.



Love your free books and lessons. I have learned so much. Thank you! Now I'm about to order some courses from you. Stand back world! A.E.


Your new books are exciting. I particularly loved The Atlantean Initiate. Iím going to work my way through the whole series! P.A.


Good to see that your Courses are now in book form, much easier to study and share with friends! Congrats Abbotts! C.D.


Hi Friend,

We, (Tony & Robyn Abbott), hope that YOU have enjoyed reading these Testimonials and comments from other visitors. Youíll find other ones scattered throughout this site.

We would love to hear from you.

Love and Light Tony & Robyn, The Abbotts.



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There are two ways to look at life -

One is - God is nowhere,

Love is nowhere,

Happiness is nowhere!

Or you can use the same letters in the word to believe -

God is now here!

Love is now here!

Happiness is now here!


See the difference?






Channelled by Lord Sananda



ďFrom your many amazing books, I now understand that the Starseeds have a special plan on Earth, at this time. Is it succeeding or have unexpected problems arisen?"




Dear friend, you are absolutely right, the Starseeds have a wondrous plan that they agreed to, before incarnating and are trying desperately to remember and put into action. This plan is that of creating Unity around your planet! Unity being the combined energetic thoughts of all young ex-Pleiadians directed to the planet Gaia (Earth) to create peaceful, loving conditions, similar to those on the Pleiades. Is this not a remarkable task that they have set themselves? To eradicate poverty, racism, disease, sexism and separatism and instead create a unified Unconditionally loving force on this planet! Their thoughts, ideals, minds and spirits will be joined, as one powerful and loving energy!

But the Starseeds, like all off planet races, have an overpowering Nemesis or all pervading block that is part of their off planet nature and has become a physical major barrier, in this present time frame, to them achieving their amazing goal. This all-pervading nemesis is that of drug use. I can hear the howls of protest from here! I have heard it all many times before! Please keep reading my words and then see if I make sense to you, when you have finished!

Every Off planet race has incarnated, each with its own major block, firmly entrenched. Many races loved order and structure (Think of the ancient Romans) had the Nemesis of Power and Control. They brought law and order, better sanitation, higher concepts etc to the Earth at that time, which benefited humankind considerably. Many of their ancient ideas are still in force today! But, their overwhelming need to control everything was their Nemesis. They warred with every known nation and were not content, until they occupied and conquered them all. They had a positive side to their nature, but also a very negative side as well.

The Starseeds, ex-Pleiadians, mostly born since 1970 onwards, like the earlier off planet colonists, have a negative side to their nature. This is a need for very pleasant, relaxed conditions, with no pressure and no self-responsibility. This is what they are used to feeling, everyday, on the Pleiades' home planets - peace and inner contentment. But Earth in the 21st century, is definitely not as laid back and amiable as they unconsciously desire, so they find a quick easy way to achieving this relaxed, fourth dimensional feeling and this is through recreational drugs! This drug use is their Nemesis and this is what is stopping them achieving their higher spiritual aims!

Now, I am not going to go into the rights and wrongs of drug use. As I said earlier, I have debated this many times with numerous Starseeds. I have heard that marijuana is excellent for certain MS suffererís and cancer patients. I have listened to arguments about minor drug use, as being equivalent to a glass of beer or one scotch and no worse than smoking a box of cigarettes. I have also heard doctors speak of throat, mouth and lung cancer results, schizophrenia increase and links to paranoid behaviour. It is not my role to tell you how to live your life or how to preserve your health and body. I guide, not command!

But, I will explain something others do not know, and that is that prolonged use of marijuana, alcohol and other recreational drugs affects the Motivation Chakra located in your brain's hippocampus region and is stopping you, the Starseed, achieving your higher spiritual goals of Unity!

Now, a scientist would explain to you that the horse shoe shaped hippocampus, (where your Motivation Chakra is located) affects your ability to remember things that have happened recently, intricately connect relevant information memories, sleep patterns and affects your spatial awareness. THC elements in recreational drugs such as marijuana, alcohol etc. damage the hippocampus. People with hippocampus damage, often lose their way down familiar streets and can't find their way home. Isn't this what the Starseeds have done, lost their way? Not home on Earth, but to achieve their Higher Spiritual goals and find and put into action, their Mission in life?

Because the Starseeds see life on Earth as so hard, so harsh, so alien, they are willing to compromise their spiritual higher mission to achieve respite from Earth's drudgery, by using recreational drugs regularly, to soften the experience of being here. Unfortunately, they don't realise that they are also negating and ruining their major reason for incarnating! The drugs that make the Earth experience bearable also make it impossible for them to achieve the goals that they set out to achieve! Their motivation is gone.

In other words they are wasting a life and don't know it!

This is not to say that the Starseeds are not caring, spiritual beings, but they are limiting drastically their spiritual and psychic powers. They are achieving only a small percentage of the tasks that they agreed to achieve on Earth. Many are finding that the drugs damage their brains and bodies and predispose them towards suicide - because they think that, "Life has no meaning!" Their Motivation Chakras have been closed down by drug use and they have tragically lost their way. Just as the earlier colonising races lost their way by overusing their Control and Power chakras!

But, you can reactivate your Motivation Chakra! You can defeat your Nemesis! You can achieve your Life Plans!

How can this problem be fixed? How can your Motivation Chakra come back "on-line"? By you, dear Starseed deciding, do you want to achieve your Higher Mission to aid the people of Earth and the planet, by achieving Unity and your Individual Life Missions or do you want the frequent escapist "high" of drug use. Only you can make the decision!

I send you my Love, Light and Hope always,



Dolphins Spiritual Plan



Q. I have heard that the dolphins and whales have a special task on Earth. Then why do they eat other fish? Please explain!


A. My dear, it is because they understand, as you should do, that all life is an illusion. They therefore realize that even the fish that they eat are an illusion. They are equal in spirit to you. Some have decided to come down in that form, others into human form and many of them it is true, come from the planet Sirius. Their spirit does, but not the physical form. However, they are familiar with entering into that sea creature form and enjoy the surface and underneath of the water.

They enjoy being One with that particular water force and in ancient times, they were very close and existed in unity with humanity. It is only over the last thousand years or so, that there has been such a wide gulf between them and humanity. But now as you can see, as the Light rises on this planet, again humans are beginning to understand that they can learn from the culture of the dolphins and whales.

Once again, there has been some harmony created. When their final purpose is done on this Earth, so they will depart from this planet, but that is still just a few generations off. But many of them are finding that their purpose has been achieved and when they have full accord with humankind, once more then they will happily leave the planet.

Kwan Yin

The Chinese Goddess of Compassion


A Creed for the New Millennium

I am a Starseed,

Long ago, in the very mists of endless time, myriad drops of conscious Light, left the Source, The Great Creator force, the Golden Sun, beyond the constellation of Lyra, the Harp. As a golden shower of light, they slowly travelled through the huge and empty regions of eternal space, searching for new, undiscovered worlds that they could play upon and build their cities of ethereal light.


Dark, cold worlds which would be illuminated by their golden, omni radiance. For millenniums, they searched for suitable planets, to make their own. A mighty armada of golden beings, streaming forth in all directions. Until finally, billions of cosmic beings settled upon hundreds of planets within the limits of the Milky Way Galaxy, amongst them several small planets within the Pleiadian Constellations.


Upon these distant planets, they created marvelously intricate, physical forms for themselves and over countless eons of time, raised mighty civilizations. There came a time, when those loving and advanced beings, turned their sympathetic eyes to Earth, Mother Gaia. They had long achieved universal peace and brotherhood and they wished to share this loving gift, with others. Scout ships of pulsing, white light set out for distant Earth.


They observed with compassionate hearts, the countless problems of Gaia - her grievous pain, her bloody wars, her heartless famines, her lack of Oneness. Many of these advanced beings, saw the fair daughters of man and fell in love. Beautiful, semi-celestial children were born. But, still it was not enough.


"We must give up our celestial home planets and incarnate to Gaia. To help the humans raise their Light - we must become human!" They cried out with one, unanimous voice. And so, in waves of many hundreds of thousands, these brave volunteers, full of great optimism, incarnated to Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu.


They lived many millenniums as humans, eventually almost forgetting, their unique, extraterrestrial beginnings. For countless centuries, the various off planet races brought their information, customs and traits to Gaia. Some cloaked in authority and respect, brought the gifts of justice and wise rule. Others, lively and orderly, brought mystery and activity. The loving off planet races were joyously kind, and brought forth the gifts of happy, family life, abundance and spontaneity. And some special beings who existed as angels in the open spaces, brought spiritual sensitivity and unconditional love.


Now it is the time for the gentle, artistic Pleiadians to bring their gifts to the people of Gaia. To steer Earth in a new direction of Love and Light. To end the old reigns which mistakenly, turned to power and fear, as a way of solving the problems of Terrans. In the latter quarter of the twentieth century, millions of Pleiadian volunteers flocked to Earth, incarnating as human children, being raised in all their cosmic power to become - "the Starseeds."


These sensitive and gentle beings, found the harsh vibration of Earth, difficult to comprehend and bear. Like all new babies, as they were born, the divine veil of amnesia, was placed upon their minds - they forgot that they were from a more advanced and loving race with extra normal powers, they believed that they were purely human, in a limited body and mind.


Yet, through their childhood and adolescence, they recognized that they were different! They thought differently to others. Their interests were contrary to those of their parents and friends. They created wonderfully, imaginative worlds within their minds, where life was so much more noble, inspiring and exciting. Still, they often felt very alone, confused and different.


They Ďsaw throughí the absurdities of third dimensional life, in the 20th century. They didnít need things, to make their lives special. A new car, a large house, the best job, power, fame, money - all these tools for life, seemed unimportant and childish. Restrictions by society, governments and laws, seemed overwhelming. Wars - senseless, and disputes and arguments - immature. They knew deep within themselves, that they were here for something special, something unique - they had incarnated for a higher purpose!


Many sadly, never found that divine purpose and instead turned to drugs and dangerous behaviour, as a way to deaden the harsh vibration of Earth. Numerous young men and women, prematurely exited their confused lives, returning once again to the higher realms, rather than remain on Gaia, unawakened spiritually.


Others began to search for a higher meaning to life, exploring new and ancient philosophies, meeting with wise men and women and slowly awakening their dormant, psychic abilities. Often, they would have amazing insights into others lives; predict the future through dreams and hunches; see ghosts and feel the kundilini energy raise up in their bodies. They began to suspect that they were not as limited, as they had formerly believed.


As they began to free themselves from the shackles of self doubt, they added energy to the planetary consciousness and gradually all over the planet, people everywhere, began to become more tolerant and open minded towards the psychic and spiritual aspects of their lives. New Age arts, skills and abilities began to flourish - they were no longer the talents of a just a selected few.


The Star seeds readily picked up these new abilities. They could see auras and feel chakras; spiritually heal and communicate with angels. Some regularly astral travelled to distant planets and explored the depth of Gaiaís dark, green oceans and hidden valleys. They wanted to explore their psyches, their thoughts, their inner worlds. They desired to communicate worldwide with all the other Starseeds - they created the electronic Oneness of the Internet.


Influenced by their Off World distant memories, they wrote gentle music and created flowing, colourful artworks, to share with others. They turned their backs on war and left these harsher lessons to their more primitive brothers and sisters. They left the world of commerce to their more active and earthy fellow beings. Starseeds learnt to flow through life with little effort and meagre attachment to earthly goods and riches. At night, in their lively sleep state, they travelled in loving bands of fellow beings, to help stabilize the Earth and bring peace to places of unrest. In their dreams they remembered their purpose for incarnating. On awakening, they had only hazy memories of their Divine Mission.


For the Starseeds have come to Earth at this time, to bring great changes to the planetís consciousness. Their special, peace loving, psychic and artistic talents, en mass, will help to gently erase the harsh negativity of earlier generations. By simply being here and spreading their Starseed energy around them, they influence the thoughts and actions of more earthy beings, to those of being more loving and harmonious with nature. As they flow with life and show respect for all humanity, so others follow unconsciously, their behaviour and attitudes.


As Starseeds give less value to fame and fortune and instead, look to achieving spiritual growth, so their more earthy parents and friends, follow their enlightened example.


In time, the Starseeds will become more consciously aware of their immense mental and spiritual powers. They will become united as a spiritual force for good. Merging their psychic energies as one huge ball of golden/white light, they will be able to manifest fields of crops, that will feed the hungry; devise energy sources that are non polluting; control the weather and eliminate natural disasters; heal all illnesses; travel intergalactically; contact spiritual and higher alien beings and raise the entire human population of Earth, to a higher dimension of enlightenment.


This is the Starseeds reason for incarnating - to help humankind progress to a higher level of being. It is time now, for the Starseeds to take up the challenge! To remember why they have come to Earth at this time! To develop their spiritual gifts and use them for their own and otherís enlightenment. The future awaits ...






There is a Divine God Source and I am part of it. I am a spiritual being with a human body. I am here on a special, Divine Mission. I have unique, paranormal powers. I accept the self responsibility to develop and use these powers wisely, for myself and others. I recognise that all beings on this planet are Angelic Beings, like my self. We are all equal in Light. By combining our spiritual powers, we can bring peace and harmony, to all on the planet. I have Divine help and guidance always on hand. At the end of my Life Mission, I will return to my true spiritual home.


By The Abbotts, 2000


Iím glad Iím a Starseed!


Answer to Riddle is - the letter 'e'








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"The angels serve by raising their voices in song even when humans cannot hear them. Angels of every order are profoundly interested in the spiritual well-being of every human on the Earth. If you could still your mind from earthly chatter, eyes closed, for at least 10 minutes, and alter your mental focus to ask for the highest angels possible to sing for you, your mind might allow you to hear a bit of their singing. It could be only faintly heard at first, a mere suggestion of heavenly voices. But listening with persistence may allow your entire being to recognize the Divine majesty of their sound."


"Everyone is looking for information from the heavens. Many want to talk with their angels. This is certainly beneficial on many levels. Additionally, it is wise to consider appealing to guardian angels and to higher angelic beings for angelic music. The essence of this music is the Light of God. It will not be given to you unless you ask for it. When few ask for the music of angels, angels will sing to infuse God's Light into earthly disasters and global crises. If you ask for the angelic music, even if you cannot still your mind enough to hear it consciously, you will receive the healing benefits of angelic sounds. The Light of God heals. The Light of God answers all of your questions. The Light of God never fails in doing what your Soul considers to be best for you."


Debra receives practical angelic guidance for her clients who reside throughout the USA and in other countries. Her book "Born to Hear Heavenís Helpers" provides instruction for communicating with your own angels. It is available as an eBook on her site





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This month's contributions come from many past readers who love to express themselves in verse!



God's Communion

By Joseph Law

In the depths of my soul I cried, "God! God! God!"

I want nothing but you, beloved Creator of all

Help me attune to your infinite wisdom

and dissolve my ego, mind and human consciousness

Help me understand that all abundance comes from you

and all is sensory illusion, and that you are present in all things

You are the father and Iím the child

You are the master and Iím the servant

You are the creator and Iím the created

You are the musician and Iím the instrument

Let me appreciate you in the beauty of nature, a smile and the love of an innocent child

Let me experience your omnipresence so that I can worship you in every form

Let me reciprocate your love for me and manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Let thy will be done!

Should we not attune with your will, why do we live?

Should we not live according to your laws, why do we even breathe?

Should we not appreciate that true romance is with you, why do we worship the human form?

Merciful God! Help me dissolve into your cosmic consciousness through deep meditation.

Help me see through the laws of this universe

Help me see through the lies of form and duality

Help me see that in the absence of lies, lies truth

Help me see what lies behind and before me is nothing compared to what lies within me

Merciful God, I can live no longer without your grace

Grace me with air when Iím drowning

Grace me with the wisdom to go within, so I will not leave without

Grace me with the wisdom to know that Iím your child

For how can the essence from a source of joy be unhappy?

For how can the essence from a source of peace be restless?

For how can the essence from a source of abundance be in scarcity?

Without you, why live?

Without you, why breathe?

Without you, why do I even want to be?

Let me live in the world, but not be of the world

Let thy will be done!!


Children of the Light

As I sit upon the earth so young and new

Staring up at the sky so cloudless and blue

Iam reminded of the magical place I came from

And how so fragile and scared I had become

So young am I

All the wonders all around me are magical

To me some of these new things are comical

I often laugh during my dreamstate

All the magic,wonders,and fullfillment I create

As I fly high in the sky

I interact with many heavenly beings

As I smile and laugh during my dreams

I have a guardian angel who leads my way

My constant companion by my side he always stays

He loves and cares for me

It's so strange with how the adults act

Fighting and killing over this and that

But I was sent here to show them the light

That there are better ways to solve problems than fight

And to set them free

Children of the light Iam one of those

How well things turn out only God knows

But I'll do my best and teach the best I can

I'll share and teach my light to all man

You can be sure of that

I've been told that Iam wise for one so young

My wisedom comes from the Father and the Son

You may think Iam gifted but aren't we all

Adults are gifted too, you don't need a crystal ball

To see heavenly beings and chitchat

If you all used our gifts wisely I wouldn't be needed

But you don't so here we come as the wise ones decreed

We are the children of the light

And we will put up a fight

Until our mission has been achieved

By Jenn



I ambled slowly on my way just thinking what a lovely day

I passed a brook, a shallow stream, bordered by flowers it looked a dream

It had a bridge over which to pass, surrounded with long stems of grass

Wild flowers danced amongst the green, as I feasted on this handsome scene

I slowly walked across the bridge and sat down on a grassy ridge

As I looked amongst the trees I suddenly felt a soft warm breeze

It touched my face, my hair my eyes, and then much to my surprise

I saw an angel standing there with big blue eyes and hair so fair

He wore a gown of glowing white his being surrounded by a light

He looked at me and my heart raced, I knew not which way to face

His eyes looked into mine and then, before I knew it yet again

Gone in a flash no more was seen, he left me in a wondrous dream

Great wisdom in that moment came never more to feel the same

My spirit full, my head so light, I walked away with such delight

His presence gone but ever near, he had left me with no fear

My life now changed for ever more by the colours that he wore

Jacky Foster




Iím troubled, like a little bird, trying to break out of its egg,

Iím like a dog, circling to find a spot to lay down,

I having an "indigestion", but I canít "vomit",

I look for the Peace I can no longer find in books, music or people,

I seek the security of past memories, but they no longer exist,

I look for silence, but I feel like screaming.




Living Well

Seek not a life filled with riches
Live a life filled with richness

Focus not on what you lack
But be grateful for what you have

Laugh, love and play often
For life is short and precious

Let go of attachments to tomorrow
Live joyfully today, future worries do not borrow

Forgive and forget your past
Cherish and enjoy your present

The present is truly a gift
The gift of life is your present

When you live as a beacon of light
You help others find inner delight

Let go of pettiness and self
Help others and you help yourself

When examining what is great wealth
Enlightenment reveals it is great health

When you appreciate nature and beauty
You attain freedom and serenity

Take life lightfully, joyfully, exuberantly
Because ultimately, nothing else matters

Joseph Law -


climbing up the walls - temperature's rising
oh dear yin
draw us in
til we're up to the brim
where we swim through the thick and the thin
oh sweet summer gather us in

rising up so tall
started out so small
on a whim and a song
it's what carries us along
through the tears and the smiles
yeah we're travelling 'cross the miles

been chasing shadows from our sight
they're disappearing with the light
oh mercy knows us oh so well
our intentions pave the way
draw the night or paint the day
oh mercy she can tell so well
but she won't say

burning stronger darlin
linger longer darlin
sing our song darlin
shine love divine

see the walls fall
see the walls fall
we'll see the walls fall

Peggy van Zalm



Human Love is Like

Rains Mist Upon a Flower

Needing More To Live

@ Crystal White


Starseeds are often wonderfully creative poets, musicians and writers!

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