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What would You Leave Heaven for?

Dear friends, this is your old friend Joachim come to have a little chat with you and ask the question - What would you leave Heaven for? What would tempt you to come to Earth in human form and live in discomfort and often pain and suffering? For you are all aware that Heaven is an ideal place of comfort, joy, love and everything you want, so why would you come down to Earth? What would you leave Heaven for?


I am sure that you agree with me that it would have to be for a very important reason, not just a whim! Eighty years of hardship is not a paltry thing to endure! So why would you choose to leave? Think about it dear friend. You didn’t leave to have the latest car, the biggest house, lots of money or fancy holidays, after all these things can be easily manifested in Heaven with a mere thought! There must have been a better reason than material greed!


You may have come down in human form to repay karmic debts to those you have misused in past lives or those who misused you and need to repay you with kindness. A way of balancing up the karmic books!


Or you may have decided to learn new lessons about love, sharing, compassion, etc and Earth is the best place to experience a range of situations concerning these issues. You would do this to perfect yourself. For don’t we all need a little perfection in our lives?


Some people think that they may have just incarnated to Earth, because Heaven is so boring with all that sitting on clouds playing harps nonsense! Ha! What a strange view of Heaven you have! It is a dynamic, loving active place of serenity, security and peace! Contradictory, yes! It is all you want it to be and more!


So why would an angel with everything at its fingertips, leave Heaven?


Compassion and love dear friends, that is why! Think of it. In Heaven you have everything, but those on Earth still live in misery, starvation, disease and confusion. Wouldn’t you with your higher angelic nature, want to come down and help these poor unfortunates? Of course, you would! How can you enjoy all the pleasures of Heaven, while your fellow souls, stranded on Earth cry out in pain! This is why you leave Heaven, to help!


But this is the sad fact, dear angels, that once you enter the human body at birth, you completely forget why you came! Amnesia comes over you and you forget that you are an angel with a mission! You may have come down to heal the sick, teach, create unity or something else, but now you just concentrate on your own needs - the new car, the overseas holiday, the new clothes, and the sick and sad are forgotten. You left Heaven for a mighty mission and now you are just wasting the time on trivial material satisfaction!


And the sad fact is many people do this for ninety years or so! Completely forgetting why they came and what they came to do! Don’t let this happen to you, dear angels, wake up now! Make sure that your great sacrifice in leaving Heaven wasn’t just to lust after trivial things or sit around complaining how boring life is! Get on with it now and make your sacrifice count!


How to do this? Learn to meditate and ask for guidance from your angelic helpers as to your life mission. What is it and how can you begin it? Try the meditation below.

Never sheepishly say, "I left Heaven for a new fridge or a new lounge or for a car or something else trivial." Instead proudly say, "I left Heaven to help raise the Light on Earth, to make it a little more like Heaven!" Then indeed you have left Heaven for a worthy cause!




Your Mission Goal Meditation


Close your eyes and breathe three deep breaths.


Begin to slowly relax your head.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further, then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your neck.

Begin to slowly relax your shoulders.

Begin to slowly relax your chest.

Breathe slower and lighter.

Begin to slowly relax your back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further, then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your upper arms.

Begin to slowly relax your elbows.

Begin to slowly relax your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly relax your stomach and lower back.

If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further, then relax it.

Begin to slowly relax your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly relax your upper legs.

Begin to slowly relax your knees and lower legs.

Begin to slowly relax your feet and toes.

Now allow all the stored energy in your body to drain out from your fingers and toes into space.

Visualise it as a green energized light.


Still your mind.

Now state to the Universe (God, Spirit, your Deity) that -

"I wish to understand my true angelic mission and why I came to Earth, now!"

Relax. Maintain this calmness for ten minutes.

Then -

Begin to slowly tighten your head.

Begin to slowly tighten your neck.

Begin to slowly tighten your shoulders.

Begin to slowly tighten your chest.

Begin to slowly tighten your back.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper arms.

Begin to slowly tighten your elbows.

Begin to slowly tighten your hands and fingers.

Begin to slowly tighten your stomach and lower back.

Begin to slowly tighten your thighs and pelvis.

Begin to slowly tighten your upper legs.

Begin to tighten your knees and lower legs.

Begin to tighten your feet and toes.

Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

Do not get up quickly! Or you may feel dizzy.



Practice this exercise daily for one week until you become easily relaxed and feel that the Universe has accepted your request. Your answers may come as coincidences, nudges, in dreams, direct voice contact or opportunities opening for you. Accept the ones that appeal to you and use your angelic talents for the good of humanity and the planet!


It is said of prayer, ‘That this is you talking to God.

Meditation is God's chance to talk back to you!’




Within my heart, I know what is right and wrong.

After journeying far and wide, I now realise,

that I need to find a higher purpose and direction to my life.

No longer am I content,

to wait for other people, to bring love, peace and equality into my life.

I need to act now, to save myself and the planet, we are playing on.

No longer will I think to myself,"What can I get out of this?"

Cooperation is the name of the game.

From this time onwards, I will begin to take control of my life,

I will take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions.

I will make the effort to find other people like myself,

those that want to make the world a better place.

Working together, we will make our dreams come true.

This is my promise to You.



Tony Abbott - 2013


Light Workers, we offer you amazing books on spiritual and psychic phenomena and how to activate and use these skills daily in your own lives! And they work!

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Many people ask us, Are they too old to discover their Divine Mission?, i.e. the reason they incarnated to Earth. At sixty and beyond they feel, particularly if they have reached retirement age that they cannot give full time effort to any particular work that they may have intended to do in this life.

They realize that many of them have been distracted by raising families, following professions and creating a successful lifestyle. They are pleased with what they have achieved, but feel something is missing. From visits to us, they realise that they have purposely turned their backs on the Divine Plans that they set for themselves (pre-life). But let us emphasize to you - It is never to late to begin your Divine Missions!

In fact with all the great wealth of experience that you have gained through sixty or more years on Earth, you are now ready to finally begin it!

Divine Missions are not like regular work, they are not on a 35 hour a week basis and often you don't get paid in money, but instead in happiness and fulfilment!

Many of you have great skills that you have developed throughout you lifetime, why let them go to waste. If you are a nurse, why not volunteer once a week to visit the elderly or donate your valuable expertise to another institute.

If you are an accountant, why not offer your skills to a charity and do their annual tax returns for free. If you are a homemaker, why not offer your caring skills to organisations and charities who are always looking for volunteers. You can make a difference and enhance the lives of others with only a few hours a week voluntary from you!

Many people don't like to do voluntary work, feeling they should be paid for their efforts, yet feel disgruntled with retirement golf and gardening. The personal uplifting rewards that you get from using your honed skills to better the lives of others will give you much more satisfaction than tame retirement activities that soon bore you.

Being needed and making new friends, through voluntary efforts, can actually help you to live longer. It keeps the hormones pumping, the body healthy and the brain cells working. If you don't wish to work with people, why not offer your talents to charities that work with animals or the environment. You can make a difference!

Finally a quote from Lady Kwan Yin the healing Master -

"The greatest seers are often of a venerable age, look at Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Merlin and Moses. You can bring your gifts to others, advice, skills and life experience and they can help create a better world. Let your greatest joy come in your old age when you truly express who you have become! Love has no age limit!"



"Look not at what you want to be,

but instead, at who you want to be!!!"


Dear friends, so many of you are misguided about life! You still think it’s about riches, success and sex appeal. You think he who dies the richest, wins! She who is the most successful in business, wins! And those with the most admirers, win! And nothing could be further than the truth, my dear children! These are not angelic traits and you are angelic! These are third dimensional materialistic symptoms of a confused soul. Now let me please, unconfuse you!

Now let me begin by telling you about two people, one the manager of a large corporation and the other a street sweeper. One earns millions of dollars a year, has a large house and a beauty queen wife. That is the street sweeper! Ha, ha, just joking, seeing if you are awake! Of course it is our manager.

Now the other man, the street sweeper, earns a basic wage; has a small, but cosy home and a loving wife. Who do you think is the happiest and the most angelic? It is the street sweeper, not the rich manager!

For happiness is, surprisingly to some, not dependent on financial income but self-contentment. What do I mean by self-contentment? This is the ability, the angelic ability of accepting the role you are in and enjoying it to it’s fullest. While maintaining self joy, love and respect!

Our road sweeper loves his wife, is content with his job, feels good about himself and has created a life he wants. He goes to bed at night with an easy conscience, is friends to everyone and where possible, does kind acts of love whenever he can. He helps an elderly couple to paint their rooms and repair their roof. He visits the orphans at the local orphange and helps out where he can. Everyone loves the road sweeper for his kind heart, respectful nature and generous spirit. He has truly become an angelic person!

On the other hand, our poor - in - spirit manager, has a hard heart and never allows himself to feel compassion for others. His aim in life is to make as much money as he can. He doesn’t love his beautiful, young wife, but sees her as a symbol of his power. He doesn’t sleep well at night and has no genuine friends. No one admires the manager or likes him, instead they fear and despise him. He is not living his angelic being!

Who would you choose to be? One life is God inspired, one life is money inspired. One life is joyful, one life selfish. We must all at some point in life, decide which path do I take? The higher or the lower? Is my life concerned with what I want or who I am? And if I don’t like who I have become, it is time to change and become who I would like to be!

Only you can decide!

Decide well my children!

Blessings Joachim


P.S. The Abbotts

The recent death of Nelson Mandela, the great African advocate for equality and an end to racism should show us that you are never too old or incapacitated to do our life’s mission. This great man fought for social justice into his nineties! What can you do to honour your life and help others?


'Man of the people': Nelson Mandela remembered.





Hi, You have a wonderful informative website.

Many thanks. M. O'L 11/4/04


I found your website, through the guidance of god, as I find all things, and I wanted to thank you for writing all you have and making it freely available…

Peace and love, Sincerely. A. I. 20/2/04


Hello Tony and Robyn!

First of all, let me thank you for all the work you have put in to bringing this wonderful message to the world. I have read your website many times and enjoy it very much.

Shaina 9 Aug 04


Hi Abbotts,

I sat up all night and read your wonderful website! It explains so much. Now to order some of your books and courses… Thank you, thank you! Blessed girl. 22nd Dec. 2005.

Dear Abbotts, thank you for an intelligent ‘grown-up’ spiritual site that looks at psychic phenomena in a fair way!  Donna B!


Hi Friends,

We, (Tony & Robyn Abbott), hope that YOU have enjoyed reading these Testimonials and comments from other visitors. You’ll find other ones scattered throughout this site.

Love and Light, Tony & Robyn, The Abbotts.






A Lightworker is a spiritually inspired person who has incarnated to Earth to bring spiritual awakening to Humanity. Through their special skills they are able to inspire others to seek out their own special paranormal abilities and follow a spiritual path. Anyone can be a Lightworker - Any age group, any sex, any race or religion. Many Lightworkers chose to incarnate from the mid 1940’s onwards and are often called the Baby Boomers (Link).

Lightworkers born since 1971 are usually referred to as Starseeds (Link) and those children born from the late 1980’s as Love Children. Each has their own individual and combined spiritual tasks to perform.





“Dear friends, let me speak tonight of self respect, for this is a virtue that many of you are neglecting in this current life time. As you enter the fourth dimension and your desires in many ways become manifest, unfortunately many of you are holding on to the base desires and needs of the materialistic third dimension! Instead of using your special psychic powers of wish fulfillment, to aid the earth and humanity, you are instead using this unique power for self gratification and materialism.

It was hoped that by the time humanity had risen to the fourth dimension, many of it’s baser self absorbed addictions and sexual and material vices would have been sated and that humanity would now move on to caring for others, raising the living standards of others, bringing religious and personal freedoms to all and working collectively to create Unity, while aiding the planet Gaia to new health and revitalisation. But dear friends, while some of you have risen in spirit, many of you have got stuck!

Like your ancestors of thousands of years ago, you still want money, fame, sexuality and power. In fact like many of the decadent Romans of two thousand years ago, you are falling into debased and scandalous ways. It saddens us, the Angels and Masters, to see humanity behaving so childishly. We had thought, that you were finally growing up!

One has always expected the young generations to be rebellious, push for further freedoms, challenge authority, lose themselves in carnality for a while, until they matured into wiser adults. However, an odd phenomenon is occuring, people are not growing older and wiser, sated of meaningless sexual activities, tired of chasing materialism, aging gracefully and becoming the founts of wisdom in society! Instead, people in their sixties are trying to look and live like people in their twenties!

The middle aged and the elderly are becoming sexually promiscuous, chasing modern trends, dressing like teenagers and behaving like them too! Society tells them that age has no worth! Only being perpetually young and desirable, has any value! Money and beauty are the new Gods and wisdom and contentment have no value! How tragic that so many of you believe this! That all the wisdom that milleniums of your forebears have gained, is being exchanged for botox and new sexual partners! The Demeters, wise women of old, are behaving like Persephones of sixteen. Older men are trying to live like perpetual youths, seeking new experiences, instead of sharing their wisdom with the young. The fourth dimension is addling their brains!

I call upon all middle aged and elderly men and women to wake from this cultural and fourth dimensional spell and realise that you came to Earth with marvellous spiritual and personal missions to perform that would not only aid the entire planet, but give you self worth, self control and wisdom! Do not waste your time here, enthralled in cultural stereotypes of trying to behave as if you are forever young! Youth is a life stage we all pass through into a much more satisfying stage of self understanding. To be determined to not mature is self defeating and ugly! You deserve better than that!

Let your self respect come to the fore, embrace your age and all that it encompasses, be proud to be mature and live to higher, wiser virtues, worthy of angels!


Lord Michael”





The Abbotts will answer them with the help of The Masters


Q 1. I'd really love to learn meditation but don't know how as I'm not very imaginative! Donna.

A 1. We have recently finished writing a book, just perfect for you. Its called “A Year of Meditations - 52 Amazing Meditations to Change Your Life for the Better!” (Link).




Q 2. Can you explain to me why the Baby Boomers came to the planet?

A 2. Yes, Spirit has told us that they incarnated from 1945 onwards to help bring in a particular light energy that would help to eliminate the threat of nuclear war and oppose the threat of negative alien visitation, by The Greys (Zeta Reticuli). They came in with spiritual gifts and abilities which could help the planet and it's people raise their consciousness. They have instigated many positive changes and are also to be teachers and parents to the next generation - the Starseeds and Star Terrans, as well as grandparents to the Love children. Quite a big task wasn't it! No wonder many people call them the Spiritual Warriors!


Q 3. What are some of the changes to the planetary consciousness that the Lightworkers have made in the last fifty years?

A 3. They have created more peaceful conditions on the Earth with the help of organisations such as the United Nations. Their more loving energy also helped in the fall of fear-based governments such as U.S.S.R, Nazism and racist South Africa. They have developed more respect for the planet and it's animals, such as pollution measures and end to whaling practises. They have become more open minded about alternate medical practises such as acupuncture, massage etc and become less religious and more spiritual. Of course there is still much for them to do!


Q 4. I was never interested in spiritual subjects until recently when I turned 45 years of age, why is this so?

A 4. There are a number of contributing factors. If you were to look at your astrological natal chart, in an ephemeris, you would probably see that many of your signs at birth were in retrograde. This often means that your true abilities and personality will not begin to emerge until you are around 45 years.


Many people often put into their Life Plan a stage, when they marry, bring up children and then discover their spiritual purpose. At this stage of life, traditionally you have matured in intellect and are more emotionally stable. Your children need less of your time and you have time to explore your own particular interests. You are also probably less active physically, which enables spirit to contact you more easily. It doesn't like to run beside you shouting to attract your attention! Love and Light The Abbotts.


Q 5. My recent divorce really shook me up. Any spiritual advice that you can give me?

A 5 . The Abbotts will be tackling this special issue later in Light World. We know that it has been a traumatic time for you. Like most Light workers you married believing that you had met Mr. Right and that you would be settled for life. However, the world has changed since you first married thirty years ago and relationships are seen as much more transient these days. This has both good and bad aspects. If you learn to focus on the good aspects, you will see that this relationship taught you many valuable lessons about life and love. It was a vehicle for your children's arrival on the planet. But now its value as a teaching lesson has ended.

It is time for you to move on to a new stage in your life of exploration alone and with other partners. It can be a tremendous time of spiritual and mental growth for you. New freedom to follow your own desires and interests. So try not to despair and send your ex-partner lots of forgiving and unconditionally loving light. Don't be bitter, this only hurts you. Ask Spirit for direction and try to find some positivity in every day! We have just published our new book Divorce and Separation (Link) which explains these life events in a spiritual way.


Q 6. Hi, I've read your Light Worker and Starseed definitions and born in 1959, I should be a lightworker, but feel much more like a Starseed. Could I be an early starseed?

A 6. Yes, through every era in human history Starseeds have incarnated, usually in small numbers. These are often the sensitive artists and musicians, who display their creative talents, but find living on Earth very difficult and confusing. They normally do not incarnate to become farmers, labourers or other earthy type occupations. Many have come in for a specific purpose, achieved it and then quickly left the planet through death.

Those courageous Starseed Pleiadians who incarnated in the 1940's and 1950's on Earth, came in to be the more creative, sensitive vanguard for the Lightworkers and Starseed children of the late 1960's. Most will have always felt out of step with their contemporaries, but will now feel more at home with the liberated attitudes of the 21st century. So yes, it is possible to be born a Starseed in the 1950's!


Q 7. It's a shame that the New Age movement doesn't have a book to guide you in all modern day situations. Something easy to read and understand. Can you recommend any special book to read?

A 7. Our book Omni - The Path of Unity (Link) is based around the journeys of the Master who in short stories and parables confronts many 21st century problems, such as Homosexuality, Genetic engineering, War, Women's rights, Abortion, Free Love and much more! This book was entirely channelled from the Ascended Masters by The Abbotts. It is suitable reading for people of all religions and hopefully, will inspire you and aid you in your own spiritual journey! Please look it up at our book store! Print Book $12.95.    Ebook - PDF $2.99.


Q.8. I have trained as a naturopath and I have told the Universe that I will begin using my skills when it supplies me with a healing centre and good salary to match. I believe that it is a Universe of abundance! Have I done the right thing?


A. Oh dear! Like many people you are confusing third dimensional wants and desires (the healing centre and the good salary), but expect a higher level source (Spirit on the 4th to 12th dimensions) to supply it! Sometimes this does happen - but they are called miracles! Spirit has often told us this spiritual formula - "You put in one third activity and thought and we will do the rest! You will get your desire - if it is part of your Life Plan!"

We have known many people who put out similar requests and then sat around for years, awaiting the miracle to happen. This is disastrous! Think of all the ill people who could benefit from your training now!

All you need to begin is some free time and a suitable room. By treating clients, no matter how small in number, you will be honing your naturopathy skills and even more importantly, clearly showing the Universe that this is what you want to do in life! It will then work with you.

In time, your number of clients will grow and correspondingly your income. When the need arises, you will find your spiritual centre. But if you just wait for a miracle, more than likely your skills will be wasted and your good intentions will dissolve away. Have faith in your own abilities! Act now!



Q.9 I feel at the moment in my life in general, that I am picked upon by such stereotypical people at work etc. How can I prevent this from happening?


A 9. Detachment is the way of dealing with these beings! That you do not care what they think. If you perceive people as truly, just being Spirits of Light that are merely inhabiting bodies at this time. Some have taken on, as you would say, play acting, of being in a powerful position, the play acting of being rich or poor or of a higher strata in society etc. But underneath they are equal in Light to you. They are just a droplet of the Godhead.

As you begin to see that, as you detach from who they are, putting on the stereotype, the particular pattern, design, body they have gone into, as you begin to care less and less, what they do, what they think, how they act, (not in a smug way or an arrogant way), but just in a way of doing your work and not caring what their comments are, what their thoughts are, just being yourself, being pleasant, saying what you believe, but not worrying about the effect you have, nor anything that is thrown back to you, you will soon find these individuals, will be a little confused about you at first, but soon will come to accept who you are. Then you will find they will have less and less effect on you.

So they will in fact, begin to leave your surroundings. Because these types of beings, almost prey on a reaction, a mirror effect from what they are giving out. If you don’t give back what they expect, they will soon leave your vicinity. So do not give them back the reaction that they expect, be detached, be secure in yourself and they will soon leave you for another. However do not send negativity to them, for they like many others feel lost in the harsh dimension of the 3rd and they lash out unhappily at those they feel are not unhappy like themselves. Pity them, have empathy for them and send them higher divine love. Blessings to you Son.

Love and Blessings Kwan Yin


Q.10. I don’t think one person can really make a difference. What do you both think? Dan.

A 10. Please visit our Current Topic section (Link) and read about Mary Hutton and the amazing work she has done for bears. Then tell us that you can’t do something similar!

Blessings to you all, Tony & Robyn Abbott




Finding Your True Life Direction


A recent spiritual message from the Ascended Master Hermes channelled by The Abbotts, discusses this important subject that concerns us all.


"It is often a mistaken belief that you incarnate into each life in order to suffer. That somehow the Universe does not want the best for you all. This is a terribly wrong belief. The Universe or Omnipresent Spirit wants you to have a joyous, healthy, loving life. We Masters want you to succeed and live gloriously fulfilling lives! It is you who stop short of your own happiness and fulfilment. You who sell yourself for so much lesser than you can become!


You are all descended from Angels and retain part of that angelic heritage within each of you. Not some of you, but All of You! You all have the ability to be greater, more loving, more in control than you are now. But many of you suffer from a strange type of human inferiority complex, in that you continually limit yourselves from attaining your great destinies!


For instance, there is a dear woman that I know, Trudy, who has wanted to help people with health issues all her life. Her mother was ill for many years and as a child she decided that, "She would grow up and heal people!" She carried this dream for many years and decided in her teens that she would train as a doctor and heal many people.


However, family finances and circumstances did not allow her to go to university, so she decided instead to become a nurse. She found opposition with her family, as they wanted her to work in an office and she reluctantly gave in to their pressure and endured several years of boring clerical work, until she married a young man in her office. Trudy raised three children and worked in offices part-time. Always hating the work and denying herself the ambition that she had set herself at an early age.


When her children left home in her 40's, Trudy decided that finally she would begin her training as a Healer and help people this way, but her husband wanted to move away to a remote area where training was not available. He dismissed her ambition as "childish dreams!" As a "good wife" she agreed to move, but after several years in this remote and lonely region, her husband ran away with a younger, neighbouring farmer's wife. He wanted adventure and glamour in his life!


At last she was ready to live her own life and become whatever she wanted and "heal others". But now Trudy suffered from fear and indecision. Surely she was too old? What if the money she invested in her education was wasted? Wouldn't her children think she was strange and irresponsible?


Is there a happy ending to this sad, but very common story? Yes!


Trudy went for a personal clairvoyant reading to a well known psychic who was a kind, caring person. The Clairvoyant told her that "She was destined to be a great healer. She had healing hands and valuable life experience to help with the counselling of others. Hadn't she raised children and dealt with the ups and downs of marriage and divorce? Now she just needed to begin the true purpose for her incarnation - to heal and find fulfillment by doing so! Each person incarnates to find what they love most and do it! The Clairvoyant explained that she needed to begin healing NOW! Not put it off a moment longer! And ask your angelic guides and the Universe for help, that's what they love to hear!"


The Clairvoyant recommended that Trudy begin both traditional and spiritual healing courses and eventually combine the two. To begin to enjoy life, finally! Get healthy her self with good food, relaxation and healthy exercise and follow her dream! When Trudy confessed that she felt that she may be too old to start her new dream. The Clairvoyant laughed kindly, for her life chart showed that she would live to well into her 90's - another fifty years! She could waste the next fifty years through fear and indecision, as she had lived the last forty years or finally put her dream into action.


Trudy fortunately gathered her courage and put the Clairvoyant's suggestions into practice and enrolled in a college course and a spiritual development group that met weekly. Four years later was a trained nursing sister, as well as an accomplished spiritual hands-on healer. She rose from her bed each morning, full of joy and vitality. She was doing the work that she wanted and loved to do! Trudy made many new friends with whom she shared new experiences and supported her in her goals. She often asked the Universe to help her when she felt fearful or indecisive and called upon her angelic guides daily, "To help her succeed in her vocation to heal others!"


Her children were amazed at the difference in her; she was a joy to be around, no longer their boring, old mum! And as a final, "icing on the cake", Trudy met a kind, caring counsellor who loved her dearly and shared her life goals and they were happily married for over thirty years.


You too can be like Trudy and work joyfully on your true Life Plan. You can create a life style you want and love. Your life direction can be uplifting and progressive. Or you can remain as you are fearful, indecisive, bored and unfulfilled, merely marking time until you leave the planet. We all hope that you will make the loving, joyful choice! You can do it!

Your dear friend,





Many retired Light workers find that fishing, sewing and golf is not just enough to satisfy their feelings of inner fulfilment. They often possess wonderful talents and knowledge that has not been discarded once they retire from paid employment. We encourage all Lightworkers of any age, to devote time to charities, causes and training others. Pass on your valuable knowledge and energy to others. Even a few hours a month will help many worthy charities and you will be rewarded by the glow you will get from helping others unconditionally and also make new friends! Helping support a child through charities such as World Vision can be so fulfilling for the soul. Open your heart today!

Spirit says "Giving to others with a loving heart is its own reward!"




From Mother Mary


mary 3


Channelled by The Abbotts


We have a tendency in this 21st century to believe that to be elderly is to be useless and redundant. That old age just brings physical and mental problems and our days of inspiration and achievement are over. Let me tell you my dears, nothing could be further than the truth!

Up until your older years, you must all work hard, establish relationships, many raise families and cope with mortgages and business life. These are years of sorting out who you truly are and establishing your own character and personality. In old age, free of many of these bonds and responsibilities, you can finally use your personality and character and finely honed wisdom on life to create a life of your own making and choosing. You no longer have the need to earn money by your many skills, but instead freely offer your talents and wisdom to the world, for the betterment of society and to help the planet.

I know of a man called John who worked for many years as a civil engineer. He enjoyed his career and then retired. He soon grew bored of golf and resting and offered his life's talents to an overseas charity who wanted expertise such as his for sinking water bores, constructing small dams and installing water supplies for third world villages. He found that this work, offered freely, was the highlight of his long life. He was making a difference to those who truly needed his skills and he felt, uplifted, generous, compassionate and useful once again at 70 years. There is no retirement from Spirit and helping humanity!


Similarly, a friend Hannah retired from her work in a factory and had always wanted to study herbalism. She read many books on the subject and finally had the courage to enrol in a course at a college. She was worried that she would be the oldest in the class, but found other older people also studying. She loved the subject and soon became a dedicate student. She began to grow herbs in her garden and make ointments and herbal remedies. She has now opened up her own small herbalist practice and truly loves the work she is doing! Life doesn't stop at 65 years! There is no retirement from Spirit and helping humanity!


Terri wanted to study about spiritual matters when she retired. She had been interested in the subject for years. She attended courses and seminars and learnt from on line courses such as The Abbotts teach, and she gained enormous knowledge and esoteric wisdom. She began to channel the Higher Masters and was soon giving readings at many Spiritualist Churches. She made many new friends and even met her twin flame Doug, who she later married at 69 years! She helps many people with her spiritual readings and says happily, "These are the best years of my life!"


Bob is confined to his bed with a major illness, but has still manages to lead a fulfilling life. How? By having his son purchase a laptop computer for him and using it to surf the internet. He has found causes that he can contribute to, by emailing politicians and authorities and adding his pertinent comments. Often they personally respond to his suggestions and criticisms and he has made many "on-line friends" who do similar work to help humanity. He has not let his infirmity, stop him from doing worthwhile work. At 80 years, he is an inspiration to all who know him!


Truly my friends, there is no retirement from Spirit and helping humanity!

Life is a Mission, not an Intermission!

Love and Light

Mother Mary






"A divorce, painful as it can initially be, can lead you to wondrous things!"


Sociologists predict that the average person will have three marriages or long term partnerships in their lives. They will marry their first partner in their early twenties, then divorce and remarry in their late thirties, later divorcing and remarrying for the third time, in their fifties or sixties.


Anyone who has been through an unpleasant divorce or separation knows of the pain and negativity that is generally stirred up, as the divorce proceeds. Great bitterness can be generated through a nasty divorce and often remains with the two participants, throughout their entire lives. If you have recently experienced the ending of a relationship, such as marriage through divorce or a long term love affair, that has ended and left you feeling shattered, we would like you to briefly suspend all pain, suffering, anger and guilt and look at the situation from a higher, more spiritual overview. What you find may astound you and ease your emotional pain!


The ending of a marriage can be devastating to many people. It is often an emotionally draining and heart breaking experience for many men and women who did not even suspect that their marriage was in danger of collapsing. Sometimes they become severely depressed and think of suicide. Others feel very vengeful and want to "pay back" their ex-partner for the hurt they have caused them. Many men and women see the ending of a long term relationship, as failure on their part and suffer far more then they need to, with their inner recriminations and guilt.


We acknowledge that it is healthy for you to mourn the ending of this formerly treasured relationship. If you were to act happy and non-feeling in such a dramatic and life changing stage of your life, it would not only be inappropriate, but you would be suppressing your emotions to such a degree, that in time they will inevitably rise back up, as emotional difficulties or physical illnesses. As counsellors, we have seen many clients who try to "put on a brave face" and eventually find themselves in mental confusion and with long term emotional problems. We encourage you to cry, yell, scream if necessary and fully mourn the loss of a dream of long lasting love and a fulfilling relationship with a lover and friend.


Then ………. one day when you're feeling braver, in control and open to new ideas, sit down and read these wise words below. We hope they will change your perceptions on love and life for the better!


You may feel exhausted, confused and angry about your break-up and feel that fate has dealt you a terrible blow and on a physical, third dimensional and earthy level, it certainly has, but, we would say that from a spiritual aspect, the parting - was meant to be! Not only was it meant to be, but you chose for it to happen - before you incarnated to Earth. You wrote the entire relationship, (good and bad) and it's eventual ending, into your personal Life Plan. Not only that, but your lost lover, also agreed to love you for a time, teach you certain lessons and then depart! It's just, that you've both forgotten the pact. And the pact was made, for the higher good of both of you!


If you are finding this difficult to believe, read what Mother Mary, an Ascended Master, has to say about broken relationships -


"Oh, dear ones, the pain you could all save yourselves, if you were to only understand that everything happens for a reason. Everything has a time limit - including many relationships. Very few people begin their adult lives with their Twin Flames (the perfect partner for you on all levels). Instead, you have a series of relationships with old soul mates from past lives, to work out karmic issues between you both. These are the passionate relationships which may last a few weeks or fifty years, but inevitably they end in sadness and bitterness! You feel betrayed and alone." Mother Mary.


Now you may well be saying to yourself, "If I did make a Life Plan, I would never write in bad things to happen to me!" This is a very common response. But Life Plans are set out to teach you experiences that you have not yet experienced or fully resolved. Unfortunately humans learn lessons quicker through pain, rather than by reward. Burn your fingers on a hot pan once and you are lest likely to hold a hot pan with unprotected fingers again. However a pat on the back or reward each time you used a cloth pad to protect your hands, would be very time consuming and energy overkill!


Life cannot consist purely of 100% pleasure, otherwise why bother to incarnate to Earth, you might as well stay up in Heaven. Earth is meant to be a training school for the spirit. Life incidents may often be painful, but they also spur you on to further growth, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!


While it is normal to feel anger and dislike of the partner who has hurt you so deeply, revenge and petty fighting is destructive for all concerned.


"Please remember dear ones, that between lives on the higher planes, you choose who will be your major love partners in the next life. They agree willingly to take on those roles in order to help you overcome certain emotional blocks and increase your personal knowledge. So often before life, you will decide to marry a soul mate male who will be your husband or boyfriend, for say seven years, then move on, once all that can be learnt from the relationship is thoroughly learnt. You may for instance have to learn patience and forgiveness and he, to learn gentleness and compassion.


Then after a period of reflection and inner growth, another male will come into your life to teach you new exciting lessons about relationships. Remember, you volunteered for this and so did they. It's just that you've forgotten the larger plan. It may astonish you to know dear ones, that often a marriage or relationship is almost solely, to see how you handle the break-up! Whether you do it with nobility and kindness or hatred and anger.


Anger and hate tie you in, to inevitable new bouts in future incarnations with this soul mate, while forgiveness and gentleness usually frees you from their influence for ever! So do not be too upset my dears, for if this relationship has ended - he or she is not your true twin flame partner! Forgive him (or her), be kind and generous, take time out to discover the true you, work on yourself to perfect yourself and get on with your true vocation and life mission. In time, when you are ready for him (or her), your twin flame partner will arrive!" Mother Mary.


Why are divorce and multiple relationships so prevalent, at this time, in our society? Spirit has told us in channellings that, " It is a chance to balance old scores and hopefully end all relationships, with love and forgiveness. When you hold on to bitterness, after a relationship has ended painfully, you are continuing the karmic pattern. Inevitably, you will draw that person to you, in a future life, where you will have to replay the scenario, until this time, you forgive and release them fully!"


Patterning or repeating the same behaviour over and over, is a key ingredient to the karmic process. The same beings are often involved, although they will often change sex and roles. One couple, that came to us for counselling, revealed under hypnosis, that the wife had murdered the husband in one incarnation, in 14th century England, by pushing him over a cliff and he had murdered her, in a different past lifetime, in 17th century Italy, by smothering her!


These lives had been over a seven hundred year span, but the negative patterning behaviour had been repeated many times. In this current lifetime, they decided to approach their marital problems in a more rational way, through counselling and mediation. Whether they stayed together or divorced, was not the main issue, but, that they peacefully resolve their difficulties and broke the negative patterning. This would free them from tragic involvement with each other, in future lives.


While friends can be helpful and supportive in our lives, it is often the enemy as the ex-partner or his new partner who tests us and shows us our true natures. Are we really as forgiving, patient and loving as we imagine? Our enemies often show us that there is definitely room for improvement!


Sometimes, members of our soul group (1000 higher beings) will purposefully take on this role, to help our emotional and spiritual growth. The greatest enemies on Earth, can be the greatest of friends on the higher dimensions! Another good reason to always forgive your enemies - why carry the negative karma on to the next lifetime?



Mother Mary goes on to explain in a channelling -


"What is needed is a radical change of attitude! You need to honour the person (your ex-partner), for the years or weeks of life lessons that they gave to you; to praise their good attributes and be understanding of their human faults. To recognise that all that can be learnt from the relationship - has been learnt. And that you are now, a better more knowledgeable person for it! Life hasn't ended, it's just changed and you are brave enough and wise enough, to deal with the change!


Many people fear being alone or feeling lonely. This is wrong! This time apart from another, gives you time for spiritual growth, to discover the real you - an angel in physical form, experiencing life on Earth. Your relationship break up, is one of those lessons. Sad as it seems, it is just one in a long series of sad and pleasurable lessons, you asked to experience for growth!


Please, also understand that if your relationship has broken up - he/she was not your true soul mate, or else the relationship would have run smoothly for you both. You now have the wonderful opportunity to go out and find your Twin Flame Partner and this is what you truly want, deep down." Mother Mary


Divorce can have the benefit of freeing you up and allow you to reassess just what your life is truly about. Many of us follow very predictable lives that others unintentionally or intentionally impose on us. The restriction of a marriage has thwarted their true inner being and higher desires. Many people begin their true Life Plan after a divorce. Divorce can finally allow many of us to follow our own path, at last!


Surprisingly, Spirit has assured us in channellings that divorce at this time, is part of the higher spiritual plan.


"This is a time in your society, for many people to end up karma, with many beings who they have previously loved in past lives, as wives, husbands or lovers. That is why many people have many partners in their lives and the divorce rate is so high! This is a perfect example, of spirit using a negative situation for spiritual positivity! We would naturally, prefer you to meet your Twin Flame when young and live a contented life with your partner, for the rest of your life. But, so few of you marry your Twin Flames that it is inevitable that many people, leave their partners and seek for that elusive being."


During this painful time how can Spirit help you?


"Ask the Universe, God or Spirit to help you to get over your last relationship break up and find your true inner being, then eventually bring to you, your Twin Flame partner. Work on perfecting the inner spiritual you. Overcoming your emotional problems and blocks and your Twin Flame partner will appear, when you are ready. Develop yourself! For people usually attract to themselves, partners of the same caliber and spiritual, emotional and mental growth. So wipe your tears, dear ones. This is a sad time, but wonderful days will follow! Blessings, Mary."


Mother Mary's wise and loving advice, is inspiring, isn't it? And more importantly, it works! To give up your life, for the sadness you feel over the break up of a lesser soul mate connection, when your Twin Flame is just waiting around the corner, is plain ludicrous!


For those of you who are feeling vengeful towards your ex-partner, we suggest that each time you think of them- you send forgiveness, even if this is at first difficult to do. When you feel hatred or pain towards them, you are actually strengthening the heart chords to them! Making the pain worse! Gently imagine those heart chords disappearing. There is a famous saying, "The best revenge, is to live a successful life!"


Divorce can be seen and felt as a dark tragedy or the opportunity for new growth and discovery. We have counselled many sad and depressed people who have gone on to worthy, fulfilling lives and eventually met a true twin flame partner. They have learnt valuable lessons from their relationship breakup and grief, but have found the courage within themselves to go forward to much happier and better lives. You too, can do the same!


*Here is a tip from Spirit that may help you to overcome your anger and grief at this time.

Colours have their own energy or vibration. They can effect the way we feel and encourage us to certain thoughts and feelings. During a divorce, the feelings we most need are Faith, Hope and Courage. Faith can be described as a lilac, mauve colour. Hope is displayed as a pale blue colour and Courage as a bright, bold blue colour.


Spirit suggests that women find a scarf or jewellery in these colours and wear them often to promote these positive feelings. Men can do the same with scarves, ties and other clothing. When you wear these colours, consciously think of what you are promoting - Faith, Hope and Courage and affirm daily, "I start the day with Faith, Hope and Courage and they will help me throughout the day!"


Blessings to you all,

Robyn & Tony Abbott








Your Uniqueness


"You are a spirit, part of the Godforce who has incarnated into a body on Earth at this time, in order to experience human life. If you can imagine the Divine Godforce as a huge energy force that is all knowing, all powerful and all loving, then realise that you are part of that Divine energy. A small droplet of light, that is part of the greater ocean of cosmic love and knowledge.


You volunteered to visit Earth and incarnate into a human body, to gain greater knowledge of how it feels to be a woman or man. You have already experienced what it is like to be a foetus, a baby, a child and a teenager. As your life progresses you will find out what it is like to be an adult and then an elderly person and then finally discard the fragile aged body and return to the great Ocean of Divinity, to share your knowledge.


Your experience of life is totally unique! No-one else has ever experienced being you! This time frame of the 21st century is unique! Your knowledge and experiences of life, love, hate, sex, religion and joy is something only you have experienced - so that you can relate to and you can share this knowledge with the collective spirits that make up the Godforce. You are an information gatherer on a wonderful unique journey. Make sure that you enjoy the experience, it will never happen exactly the same again!"


Lord Sananda

Channelled by The Abbotts





"Why is it more probable that you can be born once as a baby and not twice, four times or fifty times! It is the same procedure, whether it be once or many times. Your spiritual being or energy enters into the foetus many times before birth, for short periods of time and then enters finally, into the baby’s body, just before birth. A veil of amnesia comes over the baby’s mind and most of it’s former existence is forgotten. This is a new life to be experienced and lived with a clean slate. If the baby was to have strong memories of being either an angelic being or of it’s last human life, as an adult, it would be too confusing for it. Imagine a newborn girl baby, remembering a former life as a male general in war! It would cause mental breakdown in the new child.


Sometimes, young children do have some memories of former lifetimes, but they are not so overwhelming, as to be a cause of mental confusion. These memories often disappear by the age of seven. I like to think of the new body, that you take on in each incarnation, as a new overcoat. You wear it comfortably for seventy years or so and when it becomes uncomfortable, old and shabby, you discard it (death) and later take on a new one (reincarnation).


Each overcoat is a different colour - black, white, yellow, brown or red. They are all slightly different in design - female or male, and some are luxurious and beautiful, some plain and practical. But, remember, you choose the colour, design and eventual use of the new coat. No one would like the same coloured coat, each time. You’d like a change! That is why, you may choose the body of a black princess in Africa, one life and the Asian body of a Tibetan lama in another. Another life, you may choose to be a red Indian brave or a white, female movie star. There are endless combinations and possibilities!


Reincarnation gives you this choice. You need to experience as many life situations as you can, to be a fully rounded human. This means experiencing poverty and riches, pain and pleasure, power and slavery, male and female and many other unique Earth situations. One short life wouldn’t teach you much or be nearly as interesting!"

Lord Sananda

Channelled by The Abbotts




Dysfunctional Families


"Dear one, there must have been many lessons that you could only learn, within a dysfunctional family set up. Maybe, you are learning, how not to raise a family! Maybe, you are learning tolerance, patience, faith or how to overcome adversity. Or perhaps, you are repaying some karma. It is possible, that you have had many incarnations in perfectly, happy families and wanted to experience the worst!


It is a possibility, that you will never know why you chose such a dysfunctional family, the important thing, is not to follow their pattern of families. Start your own family pattern, with love, compassion, patience and understanding. Remember, how you felt in certain circumstances and don’t repeat their negative reactions. Be grateful, when you find loving people. An old saying is, ‘The most beautiful flower starts its life in the muck and mud’!

Let yourself grow into that beautiful flower. And please, don’t hold resentment to your failed family. You chose them as a family, to learn certain lessons. You have done that. Send them love mentally and forgive them. Hatred only causes pain in you. Let the pain go."


Mother Mary

Channelled by The Abbotts




Soul Mates

"We will use the term Twin Flame, rather than Soul Mate, which has become a much abused term. You will find many soul mates in your life, from your first childhood sweetheart, to your many teenage dates and perhaps multiple sex and marriage partners. They teach you many valuable lessons about yourself and life. Send them love and gratitude! But, your Twin Flame is someone special. This person usually comes into your life, when you are at a higher stage of spiritual development. Their motives are not just to marry you and have a contented family life, but to inspire you to find your true spirituality, your Life and World plans.


Often, they will work with you, in achieving these plans and projects. They are usually the opposite sex to you, but of course, in some circumstances, can be the same. Sometimes best friends are Twin Flames and occasionally twins are Twin Flames. Two people who have come together as soul mates can develop into Twin Flames, if they are similarly inspired, to develop the spiritual side of their natures.


However, usually what happens is this - you begin to discover your true spiritual nature. You continue developing it and discover your Life plan and World plan. You begin to live these plans. You become more wise and unconditionally loving. You begin to treat others with respect and warmth. You then meet your twin flame, who has similar objectives and virtues. Often the attraction is not overwhelming and passionate! Be warned. Karmic relationships (soul mates) often inspire great passion in you immediately. This happens in order to create a relationship for a short time. Sexual attraction will hold you together, just long enough for you to trade karma!


Twin Flames on the other hand, have years to get to know you. They don’t usually rush things. Your common interests will bring you together and slowly, you will fall in love. They will support and encourage you to find your spiritual nature and activate your Life Plan, just as you will support and encourage them.


Twin Flames are often different races, different ages, different social classes. You are drawn together for a similarity of purpose, not because of great physical beauty, money, power or brains. A Twin flame relationship is based on equality, not the traditional female/male gender roles. But, you will understand and deeply care for each other. There is no need to put on an act with your Twin Flame. Instead of falling in love - you will both rise in love together!"

Lord Joachim

Channelled by The Abbotts




Seeing Spirits

"Usually in life, you say ‘That when you see it- you will believe it.’ Now you need to say instead - ‘When I believe it - I will see it! This is the direct opposite. You need interest, faith and an open mind to explore the wonderful kingdom of the paranormal. That is why sceptics, rarely have spiritual experiences. They don’t allow themselves to believe!


Spirits, generally are loving beings. If you loved your Grandmother when she was alive and you weren’t afraid of her then, why would you be afraid to see her as a loving spirit? Often, she will look the same, smile at you and mentally send you a loving message. This is not frightening, but reassuring. It proves she still exists on a nearby spiritual plane. These occurrences often happen spontaneously, when you least expect them and when you are in a relaxed state.

However, when you are consciously trying to first contact any spirits, it is important that you learn the techniques, particularly of personal protection, from an experienced medium or clairvoyant. This is because, just as there is polarity, or opposites in everything in life, dark/light, good/bad, male/female etc there are also negative energies in the fourth dimension who can frighten you. They often will lull you into a false feeling of security, then scare you or become abusive. This is why we don’t recommend Ouija boards, as they often bring in abusive negative spirits. It is much safer, if you contact a Master, your Guardian Angels or Higher Self to talk to and learn from.

Call in an Angel such as Archangel Michael, if you ever feel frightened or wary. His blue light and spiritual sword will often chase any negative entities away!"

Serapis Bey

Channelled by The Abbotts







Anger is one of the most destructive emotions that humans display. Whether it is the flash of temper when someone does something that you don't like; a deep burning resentment that follows you through your life or red hot anger that makes you lash out verbally and physically towards the object of your hatred. Often we feel debased and humiliated, when we realise that as spiritual people we have reacted in a very negative way to someone, particularly to those we ordinarily respect, love and like. We feel that we have betrayed the "angelic being within us" by displaying these often overly emotional, angry outbursts.


But how can we overcome these anger rages and make our relationships with others both successful and peaceful? Is there a way? Yes, with a little help from Spirit, there is! Please read on….


Both the civil courts and divorce courts are full of people who are paying the penalty for enacting their rage. We have road rage, supermarket rage, e-mail rage, plane rage, postal rage and more. All these "anger releases" are products of our life in the fast lane, in the 21st century. Many of them end in relationship breakdowns, physical abuse and even murders. As we all become more stressed in our daily lives, often it will only take one small incident to cause a normally mature, well-balanced person to lose their temper in a spectacular way. Temper, anger and frustration build to a boiling point and it often takes only a casual comment or mild irritating action for someone to explode in senseless, devastating rage.


Anger can cause heart attacks and strokes. Frustration can cause hardening of the arteries and stomach ulcers. Deep psychological trauma, can be caused by a person containing anger over a long period of time. Your frustrations need a positive way of release!


Many people work in an environment that causes anger. 1 in 10 workers have had a violent episode with a work mate. Many traffic accidents are caused through misplaced anger. If you are angry at work you may unconsciously take this rage out into the traffic and cause an accident. People frequently store up anger at work or over failed relationships and often abuse their spouses or children in a misguided way of relieving their emotions. Many of us are not even aware that we are angry. We just know that something is not right in our busy lives!



Anger is located at several areas in the human brain and is often connected to the fight or flight syndrome. In the past, being angry may have helped us to escape from or go into combat with an aggressor by giving us a temporary "rush of hormones and chemicals" that gave us superior strength or deadened pain. Rarely are modern men and women faced with such physical aggressive situations such as combat or attack, but the ancient responses still are contained within our brains and will react in the same way, when the car breaks down, your new baby cries too much or your spouse forgets to pick up the dry-cleaning!


Unfortunately we tend to learn to deal with anger by copying our parents. If they easily lost their tempers, we do too! Also your ego will try to have you "lose control" in situations to stop you progressing and developing as an individual.


How then do you find out if you are truly harbouring anger and resentment within you? Try our short quiz below -



A. Do you suffer from any of these symptoms on a daily basis?

Yelling. Screaming. Locked arms. Muttering. Tight jaw. Facial tics and tension. Arm waving. Kicking furniture. Throwing things. Pressure on the head and chest. (1 point for each symptom)

B. Do you have trouble with depression? Life doesn't feel worth living!

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

C. Do you have problems sleeping? Either too much (over 8 hours) or disturbed sleep.

Yes - 3 points. No - 0 points.

D. Do you hang on to angry thoughts about someone who has hurt you in the past?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

E. Do you have an eating disorder? Eat too much or too little?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

F. Do you avoid certain people or specific situations regularly?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

G. Are you often sick?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

H. Are you fascinated by weapons?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

I. Do you watch a lot of violent movies?

Yes - 3 points. No - 0 points.

J. Do you have big personality swings?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

K. Do you drink alcohol regularly to calm yourself down?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

L. Do you take illegal drugs regularly to escape from reality?

Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

M. Do you often lie?

Yes - 3 points. No - 0 points.

N. Has your personal hygiene declined?

Yes - 1 point. No - 0 points.

O. Do you regularly exercise?

Yes - 0 point. No - 5 points.

P. Do you regularly talk about your problems to someone else?

Yes - 0 point. No - 5 points.

Q. Do you regularly meditate?

Yes - 0 point No - 5 points

R. Can you talk rationally to anyone about minor conflicts?

Yes - 0 point. No - 10 points.

S. Can you talk rationally to anyone about major conflicts?

Yes - 0 point. No - 10 points.

T. Do you ever verbally abuse someone?

Yes - 10 points. No - 0 points.

U. Do you ever physically abuse anyone?

Yes - 10 points. No - 0 points.


Now please add up your score. Don't cheat, this is to truly find out how angry you are!


Results -

50 to 87 points. You need to look closely at your life. Your rage, frustration and anger levels are very high. Your life is full of anguish and hurt, but help is on the way! But this can all be turned around in time. Try our suggestions for a stress free life and help to lift your emotional burdens.

10 to 49 points. A number of serious problems are indicated here. Your anger is stopping you from reaching your full potential. Try our suggestions for a stress free life and help to lift your emotional burdens.

0 to 9 points. You are dealing with anger and frustration well. However, read our guidelines for further improving your "rage level"!




As spiritual people we want to make the most of life and have positive relationships with others. Of course at times we all annoy each other. We would have to be saints not to! However, if you are living in a constant atmosphere of peace, fulfillment and spiritual joy, you will not store up negative feelings of anger and frustration and release them in one mighty rage. You will be able to cope well with other people's foibles and see them in true perspective something you may not be able to change, but something you can easily deal with in the short term. Remember always, that they are angelic beings first, then humans second. Love the angels that they are and be amused at the aggravating human traits they display!


To promote peaceful feelings within your self follow these daily guidelines -

1. Meditate twice a day in the morning and evening. This reduces stress levels.

2. Eat healthy foods. Too much red meat adds to your feelings of anger!

3. Exercise moderately each day. Go for a walk, swim or do something you enjoy.

4. Balance the 4 aspects of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Give effort, energy and time equally to all!

5. Begin to use your own personal skills and traits to help others. This will make your life so much more fulfilling!

6. Work on improving your spirituality! Spiritual people don't have to fight with others.

7. Practice being Unconditionally Loving towards everyone.

8. Try to always act and think from Highest Intent - what is best for everyone concerned?

9. Practice tolerance. Not everyone can think or act like you. They are individuals. Allow them their own space and make sure that you have your own!

10. Have fun. Go to a movie, play a sport, meet with friends. It will de-stress you!

11. If you are very depressed seek professional help. Feeling frustrated or violent? Time to act now in a positive way to get counselling. Psychologists and psychiatrists are trying to help others too! Perhaps they owe you karma!

12. If you have sleeping or eating problems also seek professional help. You are worth it!

13. Problems with alcohol and drugs, just to get through the day. Get professional help from Alcoholics Anonymous or Drug Rehab Counsellors.

14. Find friends and sympathetic groups who will help you and listen to your troubles. We all need someone to share the load!

15. Get some moral boosting by making the most of your physical appearance. Get a new hairstyle, new clothes and makeup!

16. Join a group or course and learn something new and interesting. Boredom often causes frustration and inner anger!

17. Join a charity. Helping others will help you to feel better!

18. Trouble approaching someone about a minor or major problem? Find a mediator who will help to present the problem and listen to both sides. Be ready to compromise for a peaceful solution.

19. Physically abusive? This really needs help. We suggest professional help for severe cases. But for a quick fix - when you feel angry go for a walk, quickly. Do a physical exercise. Release your anger in a safe, non destructive manner. Get immediately out of the anger zone!

20. Verbally abusive. Again remove yourself from the anger zone. Do some deep breathing exercises. Write your grievances down - don't shout them!

21. Confrontations? Sit down, look person in the eye and explain it (the problem) from your personal and emotional point of view. Say "I feel ….. when this happens …." Don't blame or say "You do this , you feel this!"

22. Calm down before discussing problems. Never discuss major problems in the heat of the moment. Listen to the other person's point of view!

23. Prioritize just what is important in your life and only do a few important things a day. Don't overload yourself doing trivia!

24. Be angelic - forgive and forget! There are more important things in life! Humans err, angels forgive!

25. Pray for divine help with managing your anger. Every victory in peaceful negotiations is a morale booster for you!






"Anger is a human trait that robs you of your spiritual power. If you are all part of the one, how can you be angry with yourself. Your brother is yourself. Your sister is yourself. The stranger is yourself. Forgive yourself. Talk to yourself and learn to understand yourself. Then you will have tolerance for everyone.

Let the only anger you use be that of divine anger against pain, suffering and cruelty. Let it inspire you to help others; to love others and to rid humankind of apathy and evil. All true sages are peace loving and tolerant. They hate no one. They have no rage within them. If you wish to be a true sage, a true master, then lose your anger and love instead."

Lord Sananda




"You know Susan, I've just realised that - We are the people, our parents warned us about!"






The Starseeds born since the late 1960’s have been born with their third eye chakras, pelvic chakras and crown chakras, very open. This aids them with their psychic skills. They are easily able to develop telepathy, ESP and Spirit contact. Unfortunately, most of them are not aware of their potentiality and many of them are confused, drug addicted and disillusioned with life on Earth. This is the reverse side of being sensitive to spiritual and psychic energies. The Starseeds often display the following characteristics. Easy going, casual, non conformist, lethargic, like the colour green, non materialistic, like technology, natural psychic abilities, dislike war, tolerant, fear of commitment, unreliable, eating problems and undefined gender roles.





Do you often feel disorientated, dizzy, overly sensitive to smells, sounds and sights and people overwhelm you with their energies? Well, like many other Lightworkers, you are probably experiencing the effects of Light Body disturbances. The Light Body, your spiritual more ethereal body, is beginning to emerge from your physical body. This happens as you rise from the 3rd to the 4th dimension. Your body is becoming less carbon based and more silicon based.


Your physical body reacts to this change by giving you a number of disturbing symptoms. You may become sensitive to electrical equipment and you may find that you cannot wear a watch. You become allergic to foods that you have always liked. Many people find that they cannot drink alcohol or eat meat products without having a negative reaction. Others become allergic to wheat products or yeast based foods.


We have found that diet can eliminate many of these negative reactions to food stuffs. A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and more natural type foods is recommended. Many light snacks a day, are preferable to three large meals. If you must eat meats, we suggest that you try the lighter white meats, fish or chicken, rather than beef, pork or lamb products.


Take alcohol with caution, as quite often one glass of wine will have the same effect as one bottle of wine! Gradually eliminate from your diet all foods which cause you stomach upsets or disorientation. Drinking plenty of clean, filtered water is recommended, as the Light Body works well on water. Try substitutes such as honey instead of sugar.


Remember, that no matter how disruptive these Light Body symptoms may be, it is still a very physical indication that you are rising up a level of spiritual consciousness and eventually the symptoms will level out and disappear.


Love and Light The Abbotts.


Aromatherapy Tip

When you are looking for an aromatherapy oil which not only invigorates you, but also calms you when necessary, (in other words, helps to balance you emotionally) - try geranium oil. Dab a drop on your throat, wrist or temple or heat a few drops in an oil burner.

Natural Health Tips

Migraine coming on? Try drinking the juice of two fresh lemons. This may reduce or eliminate the symptoms entirely.


Gall bladder pain. The vinegar and beetroot juice from a can of boiled beetroot, can quickly reduce the discomforts of gall bladder pain. Quarter of a cup full will do. Small quantities can be frozen and defrosted when needed.

Hemorrhoids discomfort can be reduced quickly by the external use of slivers of aloe vera plant, placed over the effected area. Gel side to sore area.

Tinnitus (ringing in ears) Two slices of fresh or canned pineapple taken daily will help reduce this condition.

Depression can often be helped, by using St John's Wort in tablet form.

Eczema can often be reduced by cutting dairy foods out of your diet. Soya substitutes are suitable for most eczema sufferers.

Our book Living with the Lightbody (Link) explains the phenomena and gives many practical solutions to easing the Lightbody symptoms.



When you grow old, do you stop smiling?

Or do you grow old because you stop smiling?


New Age Terms (1)


Starseeds are cosmic beings, from the Pleiadian star cluster. They have incarnated onto planet Earth, since 1971, to help raise the vibration of humanity and the planet, to one of Peace and Unconditional Love. Starseeds bring from the Pleiades, a very casual and relaxed attitude towards life. They tend to be highly creative people with a strong liking of music and bright colours, especially green. They dislike personal restriction and often have an off-hand attitude towards authority. Many Starseeds easily see auras and have a keen interest in psychic and spiritual subjects.

The Pleiades

The Pleiadian star system is known on Earth, as the Seven Sisters. Life on the Pleiades is lived within the sixth (6th) dimension. The inhabitants live lives of great peace, serenity and contentment. Pleiadians are very relaxed, easy going and highly creative beings. When Pleiadians incarnate onto planet Earth, they are often referred to as Starseeds, (see above explanation). Pleiadians/Starseeds are normally either small, fragile - boned or slim, tall people, usually with broad smiles and large eyes.


When the word "Spirit" is used, it can have several, different meanings they are:

1. A higher being that you can communicate with via meditating, prayer and talking. You can talk to spirits that exist beyond the physical world. These spirits can include - deceased family members and friends, personal guides, the Ascended Masters and God.

2. Spirit can also mean - another place, such as Heaven or the higher dimensions.

3. And finally, the word Spirit can mean the spirit (or soul) that you are. You are a divine spirit, in a physical body.



Self Protection Exercise

You wouldn’t travel in a boat without a life belt.

Therefore, because there are negative (bad) energies, such as Lower Astrals and The Grey’s, within the spiritual realms, as well as positive beings, it is ALWAYS necessary to protect Yourself with a self protection exercise, BEFORE practising any type of psychic or spiritual ability. NO ONE is exempt from this procedure. It only takes a few seconds to perform. To protect yourself, say aloud, if possible -

"I surround myself with a protective egg shell of golden white Light, which comes directly from the Divine Source"

This protective egg shell of Light, allows through positive, loving energies, but reflects ALL negative energies.

If at any time, you feel unsure or frightened of ANY spiritual being, simply tell them to "GO AWAY!" with a stern voice. If you can’t speak, mentally say - "GO AWAY!" Repeat several times if needed.


Reincarnation is the process in which a Spirit enters into a physical body, to experience life and learn Life Lessons. (For a fuller description of Spirit see earlier explanation). Once the Life Lessons have been learned, the Spirit leaves the physical body, (death occurs). The Spirit, then returns to the Heavenly Realms to assess it’s previous life and discover what other lessons need to be learned. Once, the new lessons have been assimilated, another Life Plan is then set out. The Spirit, then enters (incarnates) into another body, to continue the process of life-death-life, reincarnation.

Life Lessons

Life Lessons is the term used, to explain what spiritual lessons a person SHOULD be learning in life. Life lessons include learning higher personal qualities/virtues, such as Unconditional Love, Hope, Faith, Trust, Empathy and Patience. By learning these higher qualities, it helps a person’s Spirit to grow and perfect itself.


Personal Guides

Everyone has two personal guides, one female and one male. They are spiritual beings, that you know very well. They are usually, close spiritual friends, soul group members or even deceased family members. The major purpose of personal guides, is to give you emotional guidance, throughout your current life.



Personal Guide Contact

Initially, the best way to receive your personal guides’ advice is through meditation. During meditation, protect yourself, as mentioned earlier, then mentally ask your guides to come to you and make their spiritual presence known. You may see, hear, smell or feel your guides. Once your guides are present, mentally begin to develop a friendship with them, ask them their names.


Once, you have made direct contact, begin to ask them any questions that you have and await their reply. At first, you may notice their replies coming to you, during your dreams. With practice, your contact will become clearer, stronger and more instant. After making contact with your personal guides, why not make contact with your Higher Self, in the same way?

Higher Self

Your Higher Self, is the more spiritually evolved or perfected part of yourself, that exists within spirit. It’s like you are the tip, or one tenth (1/10 th) of an iceberg, protruding out of the water, while your Higher Self, is the other nine tenths (9/10 ths) of your spiritual being, that is below the water. Once you learn how to make direct contact with your higher Self, as mentioned above, you will be able to unlock your true, spiritual potential. You will be able to quickly bring health, wealth and happiness into all aspects of your life.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters, are spiritual beings such as Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, White Eagle, Kwan Yin, Buddha and Krishna. They are spiritual beings that have lived many lives on Earth and have found enlightenment. Ascended Masters can be contacted for their advice and guidance. To make contact with an Ascended Master, use the same exercise as mentioned in Personal Guide Contact.



Lightworkers are spirits who have incarnated onto Earth, to help raise the spiritual vibration of humanity and the entire planet. Large numbers of Lightworkers, began to incarnate onto Earth from the late 1940’s and continue do so to the current day. Since late 1971, incarnating Starseeds are the new Lightworkers of the 21st century. For a fuller description of Starseeds and Pleiadians see earlier explanations.


Karma is the spiritual process of Action equals Reaction, or what you sow, you will reap. This means simply, "What You Do, Will Come Back to You". Karma is the perfect Justice system. No one is above the law of Karma. Karma is involved in every aspect of our daily lives. A good example of this is, if you treat other people in a fair and considerate manner, then you are creating good Karma for yourself. Also, other people will treat you in a fair and considerate manner.

On the other hand, if you treat people in a mean and spiteful manner, then you are creating bad karma for yourself. Other people will treat you in the same mean, spiteful manner. Karma will see that your bad actions, are returned to you.

The process of Karma works, because the Universe exists on the simple principle of "What you give out, in your thoughts and actions, is reflected back to you".




It is official - Meditating makes you happy!

Yes, scientists at Wisconsin University have recently scanned the brain of a Tibetan Lama and found that the left part of his brain was more active than anyone formally scanned. This is the part of the brain associated with feelings of happiness. The lama’s brain was tested while meditating and in normal mode, but the pleasure centre of his brain was now permanently active during all activities. They have also measured the breathing rates and blood pressure rates of daily meditators and found them far lower and therefore much healthier than people who do not meditate. So it’s now official folks, just as yogis have known for thousands of years, meditating is very good for you!




Death is merely a stage in our lives, a transition to a beautiful place of rest and recuperation, our true Home, before incarnating back to Earth for experience and lessons to enhance our spiritual growth. It should not be a feared process, but a natural one that lets us move smoothly from one world to another. Your loved ones are not "lost" to you, but rather they exist just outside our visual and auditory range. Here is a poem I wrote recently to explain this phenomena -



Never forget that I am here, just a sigh away,

I have stepped from the land of the living into the land of the light,

As natural as the brightness of day, turns to the soft glow of night,

Leaving behind earth's troublesome chains of hurt and sadness and pain,

Free of the body's confinement, I am my true self again.


Never forget that I am here, just a sigh away,

I stand beside you sending love, every single day,

I love you still and you my dear, are always in my heart,

Close your eyes and feel me here, for we are not apart.


Hear my voice when night is still, see my inner light,

Smell my scent and feel my love, it burns so very bright,

Never forget that I am here, just a sigh away

And we shall be together on a distant, joyful day.


By Robyn Abbott


Light Workers Rule the World. Let us make it a better Place!


Copyright 2001


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