Off Planet Lives and Who Are You?




Off Planet exponents such as The Abbotts, believe that life as we know it, began in the Lyra Constellation, many billions of years ago. These first ethereal beings spread out to the Vega Constellation, then gradually colonized star systems such as Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius and other distant constellations before finally colonizing Earth. Humans then, are a genetic combination of these and many other intergalactic races that exist on higher levels of spiritual advancement than Humanity, in the third dimension. Science now believes that there are eleven or more dimensions around us. Off Planet exponents believe in twelve dimensions.


Subsequently, as humanity lives on the third and lower fourth dimensions, we are the spiritual babies of the Universe. But like all babies, we are growing up rapidly! In each incarnation, we experience emotional, mental, physical and spiritual lessons that help us grow as Spiritual Beings. The information that we gather, is sent as Light, (divine information) back to the Godforce, to add to the Collective Consciousness of the Universe.


As well, an increasing number of people are recalling through meditation or hypnotic regression, lives “Off Planet”, either aboard Space (Light) Ships or civilizations on other planets or constellations.


Writers such as The Abbotts have learnt that the populaces on these planets in the Orion, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan and Arcturan Constellations are spiritually and technologically more advanced than our own, on Earth. Using the recall of these lives, the information in their new book “Who are You? - Discovering Your Cosmic Origins” (Link), can help people to integrate the higher facets of their Off Planet behaviour, ethics and science with that of their own human behaviour, at this time.


The Abbotts suggest that many of you already feel an instinctive “pull” to one of these major star systems. Books, films, dreams and meditations, may have begun to open your awareness to these past life experiences. Many of these races have influenced various Earth civilizations, throughout our history. They believe that 95% of people currently on Earth have experienced “Off Planet” lives. The Abbotts have also discovered nine other rare Off Planet civilizations that make up part of the further 5% incarnated here on Earth.


The Sirians and Pleiadians have had contact with the Ancient Egyptians; the South American cultures have been influenced by Sirian/Mayans and the Australian Aborigines (Kooris) visited by Pleiadians, to name but a few. In the outback of Australia, at Koori gatherings, a place was often kept, for the visitors from the Seven Sisters (the Pleiades).


In the Old Testament of the Bible, Job 9:9 tells us of God who maketh Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades, and the chambers of the South”. Ancient Greek myths frequently related stories of the “Gods” and their connection with these stars and constellations.





The Pleiades


The numerous flags and emblems of various nationalities around the Earth display constellations such as the Southern Cross, on the Australian Flag. The Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi uses the emblem of the seven sisters of the Pleiades as their trade mark. The "Off Planet” influences are subtly around us everywhere.


Many people feel that this is an important psychological and psychic field that has not fully been explored by therapists, as it explains why we are so different in looks, values, behaviour and likes. However, The Abbotts' new book is sure to make a stir! Who Are You? - Discovering Your Cosmic Origins (Link).




We have channelled many messages from the Ascended Masters over the last twenty years, concerning life Off Planet. Here are some you may enjoy!




Ashtar is an Ascended Master of the Light. He is a companion of other Ascended Masters who include Sananda, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Hermes Ptolemy, White Eagle, Serapis Bey and Isis. He is normally referred to as Lord Ashtar and is the leader of the Ashtar Command. Like ALL Ascended Masters, Lord Ashtar is a highly evolved spiritual being that works from Unconditional Love and highest intent, in ALL that he does. Lord Ashtar specialises in working with other Masters of the Light, to help raise the spiritual vibration of planets like Earth and their inhabitants.


This  Channelled message was received from Lord Ashtar introducing himself.


Channelling no. 1.


"Greetings star children, I am Ashtar. I am what you would call the leader of the Galactic Federation of Planets. We are the overseers of this planet, watching and observing and, at times, contacting those that are in human form. Many of you here, have served upon our ships in many lifetimes in the past…"


Channelling no. 2.


This channelling was also received from Lord Ashtar and it clearly explains "What is the Ashtar Command and what is its purpose and plans for humanity?


"The Galactic Federation, as you call it, is a union of many beings from many planetary sources, that have come together, in order to help many of the planets, such as Earth, raise in its Ascension process and to aid its inhabitants in this Ascension process.


They voluntarily agree to join the Ashtar Command of the Federation, as part of their life service, part of their life plan.


They travel great distances, many Light years, upon what you would call Light ships, star vehicles, mothercraft, in order to send Light, knowledge, information to the planet, to aid by their loving control, (perhaps, at times to heal the Earth’s structure, so that earthquakes do not occur so severely, or your great thunderstorms, do not create great loss of life).


They are of course, limited by what you would call the First Agenda - that they must not interfere, too frequently, in the culture of the planet - much as your Star Trek fiction, I believe, is based on some of these principles.


Because if they interfere, of course, they take away from you free will and Earth particularly, is a free will planet, in that it itself decides it's destiny. It has choice at all times, just as beings now. you have choice. So, it is not part of the Galactic Federation of Planet's agenda, to interfere in your free choice.


But they also know, that when a planet comes to a certain height of consciousness and begins to believe that there are other forces beyond its planet, Earth - when they begin to see a meaning in the structure of the universe and begin to feel God moving through them, they then often will call in help from the outside and that is when the forces of the Galactic Federation, or Ashtar Command, come around that planet, waiting to be asked in, waiting to give guidance and love and information.


However, as there is always a good force within the universe, there is always what you would call a misunderstanding, or negative forces which you would call evil.





And this in many times, is represented by the rebels from other planetary systems, who wish to confuse those Earth beings who do not wish for Ascension for the planet. For the planet itself, feeds them the negativity and fear that comes from the planet. And so in many ways, you would have, as you would say, the white shirts that are represented by the Ashtar Command and the black shirts that are represented by those misguided beings that seek not for the highest, for your Earth.


So when you say your prayers and when you ask them to come in, always ask for the very highest to come to you - those that work in goodness, in Light and Love, those that work for the good of the planet and for the Ascension process and then you aid the Ashtar Command in its work and it is happy to aid you in your own ……" An excerpt from our book Aliens, UFO’s and Stargates (Link)





We have also received messages from The Elders from Arcturus and Kirri, a Pleiadian woman. Kirri often talks about medical problems amongst former Pleiadian males and females who have incarnated to Earth. Here is a channelling about Anorexia and Bulimia.


"One reason for these dietary disorders occurring is that these young Starseeds have very powerful unconscious memories of living on the Pleiades, in tinier bodies. They are used to eating tiny amounts of food which on the Pleiades is normal. These Starseeds are unaware that it is impossible to eat such tiny amounts of food on Earth and remain healthy!   They need to realise that they are NOW on Earth inhabiting a human body which needs larger amounts of food to sustain it. They are not on the Pleiades, inhabiting a Pleiadian body which also takes nourishment from pranic energy. If You are currently suffering from an eating disorder and You wish to overcome the illness, we encourage You to follow our recommendations which are:


1. The first thing to do is fully realise that the human body does need a certain amount of solid food to remain healthy and strong. Therefore, Starseeds need to develop their own dietary needs that combine Pleiadian and Earth principles.

2. Gradually change Your eating habits, so that You begin to consume food which is naturally high in pranic energy. As You do this, You will develop a healthy and attractive physical body! What could be better?


Foods and liquids high in pranic energy include:

1. Natural fresh fruit and vegetables (eat when in season).

2. Natural foods like fresh cheese butter and yoghurt.

3. Unprocessed or lightly processed foods including whole grain breads and unrefined sugar.

4. Foods with a high water content like soup.

5. Foods that You are naturally feel drawn to.

6. Natural honey and malt type foods.

7. High carbohydrate foods like pasta bread and natural flour products

8. Pure water (If necessary filter your drinking and cooking water).

9. Natural fresh fruit and vegetable drinks like orange and tomato juice.


For more physical energy, try eating radishes, red capsicum, peppers, chilies and hot spicy food.


As You may have noticed, this list is quite extensive and highly adaptable to suit individual tastes. We encourage everyone to eat a well balanced, high pranic, energy diet. This is suitable for all Starseeds."


While your Pleiadian past incarnations are very important to you, as they have instilled in you a strong desire for Unity (Oneness), Peace, Tolerance and Non Materialism, remember you have entered this present lifetime on Earth, as a volunteer! You chose deliberately to come to Earth this lifetime to complete a Spiritual Mission, not to become addicted to trying to regain a lighter, smaller Pleiadian figure.


The Pleiadian diet is simple and very light and they exist on strong sustaining pranic energy found in sunlight, but you are unable to do this in this current lifetime, as your human body is not geared for this. To try to live on a Pleiadian diet is contrary to your life work and Mission. Please do not jeopardise your important soul work, by fixating on your body image. Accept the difference and uniqueness of the human earth body with all its beauty. You might like to try this affirmation daily to inspire you to accept your special earth body.


"In this incarnation, I have chosen to have a healthy, strong earth body. I am on a special Spiritual Mission and I need a healthy, active body, full of energy to achieve this goal. I will eat well and this will give me strength and vitality! I am a creative, loving spirit and I love my new human form!"


We do understand where your problems on diet have arisen, but we do urge you to accept your new earth body with joy and wonder, for Spirit has often told us - "To us, you are all creatures of beauty and promise. None of you are ugly and none of you are lesser, only in your own mistaken eyes. You are angels in resplendent forms, capable of great, wise acts of kindness. Love yourself!" Kirri.